Futurama Season 12 Release Date: Addressing The Rumours

Have you heard about the story of Steve Rogers? The man who was frozen in ice and woke up after 70 years? Well, Futurama is a story with a similar scenario where the man woke up in future. In this article, we will be talking about the release date of Futurama Season 12.

The adult animated television series has won a Lifetime Emmy Award for voice actors. The audience was wowed with an animation series with such a gripping storyline. People are in so much with love with this show, that even after so many seasons, Futurama stands tall. Many of the fans are asking about the release date of Futurama Season 12. In this article, we have discussed about the series and possibilities of an upcoming season.

Futurama Season 12 Release Date: A Possible Comeback Date

The best part of watching an animated series is that a lot of people can watch it. They are loved by almost anyone and they help to brighten our moods up. Futurama is one of the most popular animated series in the world. The series has been successful in being up there among the top most watched series. Futurama is probably the only series in the world to feature it’s games, calendars, planners, comic book, tees, wristbands and a whole range of other merchandise. This cannot be replicated by any other series out there.

Now, after the pandemic, every production got halted due a large number of reasons. A lot of people thought that Futurama may have also stopped. But after a small delay in it’s production, Futurama resumed and released it’s episodes of the season that was going on. Over the years, the show has gained praises from all over the world. Not just audience members, critics have also praised the storyline of Futurama. In 2017, the series almost transformed to an audio-only drama. But with the help of Hulu, Futurama has come back.

The internet and it’s netizens are excited to watch this series. Over the years, the creators have got enough encouragement from the fans. People now want to know if the series will be back for another run. So, what is Futurama Season 12 release date? When is our favourite series coming back? Yes, we are getting another season. But we have no official news about Futurama Season 12 release date. Hulu has confirmed the arrival of a new series. It will probably come out after the 2024 fall but it’s just a speculation.

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Story Of Futurama: Animated Series That Won A Lifetime Emmy

Imagine waking up in a future where everything you used to know is not there anymore. A future where your family, friends and companions are no longer there. Feels scary, doesn’t it? Well, the stroyline of Futurama revolves around this idea. Phillip J Fry was preserved in the cryogenic chamber for a thousand years. When Fry woke up, he was in the future already. It was 31st December, 2999 and Fry regretted the accident that froze him. It was entirely his fault that Fry woke up in the future.

Fry was a Pizza Delivery Boy who fell into a cryogenic freezer pod. The machine activated accidentally and froze him. Fry woke up a thousand years after 1st January, 2000. With a little bit of struggle, Fry started working for Planet Express. They are a company that provides interplanetary delivery services. Apart from his workspace companions, Fry befriends some people. Bender is a robot and Leela is a one-eyed mutant – both of them starts to accompany Fry in his adventures. This trio becomes responsible for a lot of havoc and chaos in the future world. 

But we should not just be blaming it on Fry, Leela and Bender. Planet Express, apart from being a service branch, is a secret group. The poeple there wants to control and improvise the flow of life and society in the future. But they fail in their mission to conform the future. Soon, Fry learns about Professor Hubert J Fansworth. He is the only relative alive and he owns Planet Express. In these surprising adventures of Fry, we get to see a lot of exciting visuals and incidents. Most of them revolve around what Fry, Bender and Leela faces.

The Crew Behind This Animated Comedy Drama And Official Watching Platform

This funny animated workplace sitcom is a beautiful blend of comedy and science-fiction. Futurama started to publish it’s first season in 28th March 1999. We have 11 seasons of this series now. Katey Sagal, Billy West, Lauren Tom, David Herman, Tress MacNeille, Phill LaMarr, and John DiMaggio are some of the notable voice actors of this series. Till now, we have not got a fixed news about Futurama Season 12 release date. If you want to watch Futurama, please head on to Disney+ Hotstar.

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