The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Release Date: Addressing The Hype

For the past few years, Kdramas have had a significant rise in different categories of web shows. You might have heard that they are the best when it comes to protraying romantic stories. But The Escape Of The Seven is something far different and far more complicated than that.

The story starts with an intense cloud of mystery where a girl has gone missing all of a sudden. Seven people come into the scene and starts to look for answers in order to uncover the truth. Although this Kdrama has some plot defects as per the reviews from audiences, the creators has managed to take it to the top. Now that one season is here, many of Kdrama fans want another run. In this article, we will talk about the chances and probable release date of The Escape Of The Seven season 2.

The Escape Of The Seven Season 2 Release Date: Is It Returning?

The best part about being a Kdrama fan is probably the variety and intensity of stories you get with them. A lot of them are yet to improve their plot, whereas, many of the Kdramas has managed to succeed on a massive scale. This is not only because of the actors involved in a project, but mainly due to the quality of the storyline. Let us take action or thrillers for example here – Sweet Home was a thrilling KDrama that kept it’s viewers glued to their seats. Even when I have watched other Kdramas that fall under the action genre or were thrillers, I have liked most of them.

This Korean thriller started to gain ground soon after it’s trailer was dropped some time ago. But the plot itself has some major problems that a lot of Kdrama fans were pointing out. After the 7th episode, the story started derailing so much that it felt these were two different movies. On the other hand, user ratings dropped significantly around 5 as more episodes came out. Apart from the turns and twists, the plot has given unnecessary tension at a lot of places. It’s not good because in the long run, thrillers lose its mystery essence if there are too much at play at once.

Although the creators have managed to leave some loose ends before wrapping up season 1, some Kdrama fans don’t want to see a second run. Even if they got light about DaMi’s murder, creators kept on circling endlessly with the same story. But many of you might be wondering about season 2. So, what is The Escape Of The Seven season 2 release date? According to official sources, we are getting another run. The Escape Of The Seven season 2 release date will be around March 2024. Multiple sources has stated that the second season of this Kdrama is already in the works.

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The Escape Of The Seven: A Twisted Korean Thriller

The first season of The Escape Of The Seven have emerged quite successful after it got released. Now that we have got access to almost all of the episodes, in this part, let us discuss about the story. If you have not started watching any if the episodes of The Escape Of The Seven, please don’t worry. The Kdrama starts off with a very mysterious situation surrounding a girl. She has suddenly gone missing and nobody can find where this young girl is. Well, if you think, by looking at the title, seven superheroes will be there to save her, you are slightly wrong.

The makers of this Kdrama has taken up the concept of grey characters. After the girl went missing, now the story is about survival of seven individuals. All of them are morally corrupt personalities but they must unite in order to survive this. In the first episode, we get a very confusing standpoint regarding the identity of the missing girl. At first, you would not suspect that it is Dami due to her luxurious abode and habits. On the other hand, Lee emerges as an antagonistic mind in this game. But later on, we get to see that there are a lot of people far more villaineous than him.

This is not just a case of someone going off the grid. The Escape Of The Seven is a story that is extremely mind-boggling and twisted. Sometimes, it gets too much on the nerves to keep track of all the clouds of lies and mystery. Just because the screenwriter is a specialist for dramatic sequences, this Kdrama has excessive melodrama. Like, for example, even when the seven start to search for the Agency, somehow the focus shifts away from Dami. In the end, when Min Daohuo is on the verge of dying, the scene cuts on. Even after Shen Junxi properly activates the detonator, Daohuo stays alive.

The Team Behind This Show And Official Watching Platform 

Notable actors involved in this Kdrama is Uhm Ki-Joon, Lee Yoo-Bi, Lee Joon, Hwang Jung-Eum, Shin Eun-Kyung, Jang Ha-Kyung, Yoon Jong-Hoon, Jo Yoon-Hee, Jo Jae-Yun, Jung Lael, Min Young-Ki, Lee Deok-Hwa, Yoon Tae-Young, Seo Young-Hee, Ahn Eun-Ho, and Han Bo-Reum.

All the episodes of this Kdrama are up for streaming online. As long as The Escape Of The Seven season 2 release date doesn’t arrive, you can watch the first season on Amazon Prime Video.

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