Aarya Season 3 Part 2 Release Date – Is This The Last Chapter Of The Story? 

The story isn’t over yet! One cold-blooded shootout and that is how Aarya’s life was changed forever. This is her story of revenge, her struggle to protect her kids, and her fight to play the dual role of a mother and a drug leader. From losing her husband to getting involved in the drug world, things have become even more complex now. As per our estimates, this might be the last leg of this breathtaking tale. The main question is, to protect the people she loves, how many will she kill? The repercussions of her decision have always affected everyone’s life around her. 

Or should we say that she was the one who has sacrificed the most here? From living an ordinary life to becoming a part of the underworld, from hiding from the Russian dealers to openly coming up to deal with them, Aarya Season 3 Part 1 is finally here. Season 2 concluded with Nandini’s murder and Aarya killing her own father. But now she is back with even more chaos in her life. All four enthralling episodes of Season 3 Part 1 are now available on Disney Plus Hotstar. But before we tell you more about it, here are all the details about Aarya Season 3 Part 2! 

Aarya Season 3 Part 2 Release Date – Is This The Last Chapter Of The Story? 

Aarya Season 3 Part 2 Release Date - Is This The Last Chapter Of The Story? 

With such a complicated ending, there is no doubt that Aarya Season 3 needs to make a comeback with Part 2. If you have seen the end credits, then you already know by now that they have completed the filming for Part 2. After losing the drug cartel, the Russians will do everything possible to get a hold of Aarya. In Part 1, we also got a short introduction to Nalini Sahiba. For years she has been the main supplier for the Russians and in no way, will she allow Aarya to take the lead here. 

A lot has happened in the third instalment of the show but before we head to the inside details, let’s talk about the return of Aarya Season 3. The first instalment had a total of 9 episodes, while the second one also had an intriguing line-up of eight. But the third season only had 4 episodes and since we saw end credits at the end of the last episode, we have kept our hopes really high for Season 3 Part 2. Yes, the release date is not yet confirmed or announced, but we don’t think it’s that far away from us. 

As per our estimates, Aarya Season 3 Part 2 might roll out at the beginning of 2024, particularly around February or March. There is indeed a good possibility of getting an early release date here. Now, whether the blockbuster thriller, “Aarya” is going to end with Season 3 or not, happens to be the most asked question out there. It’s not only you, but we as well are eagerly waiting to witness Season 3 Part 2! If you have followed the wording of Arundhati’s poetry, then one can easily say that this would be the last leg of this epic story. But this still needs to be confirmed! 

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Aarya Season 3 Part 1 Ending Explained – Was Sooraj Killed By Aarya? 

What an ending we witnessed! Sooraj Raizada is back to take his revenge, his kids lost their mother and he lost his beloved wife, Nandini. This season he was indeed a big threat for Aarya and Maya. He had only one thing in mind that he must kill Aarya no matter what. By kidnapping Roop and then killing her, Sooraj was already halfway near to destroying Aarya forever. But she was smart enough to give him the wrong pin! On the other hand, Aarya’s elder son is deeply in love with Roop and knowing that his girlfriend is pregnant, he is surely not going to forgive his mother that easily. 

Again, Anton was a two-faced man, but Nalini’s strong sources eventually managed to bring out the whole truth to Aarya. But by the time she found the truth, her ₹100 crore drug cartel was already seized by ACP Younus. He has placed a low-key mole among Aarya’s trusted people and that’s how ACP Younus managed to get a hold of Aarya. But she still needs to find a link that will directly expose Aarya to the whole world. 

Seeing that Aarya couldn’t save Roop, Maya decides to walk away from Aarya. But little did she know that Sooraj was smart enough to kidnap her. He tortured her so much that she was eventually forced to take him to the place where they had buried Nalini’s body. Shockingly enough, Maya decided to put all the blame on Aarya. She was the one who mistakenly stabbed Nalini, but guess what she abruptly placed Aarya’s name for the crime she had committed. 

Fast forwarding, we will also get to see how Veer got to know about Sooraj’s location and decided to follow his mother. Since Aarya thought of hiding the truth from him, Veer lost all his senses when he heard that Sooraj had already killed Roop and his unborn child. Initially, Aarya made Sooraj understand that they must stop this series of killings, as their children are the ones who are suffering the most. But guess what, things went out of control and when Veer pointed the gun at Sooraj, the mother didn’t have any other choice but to finish Sooraj forever.

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Are The Russians Coming For Aarya?

Aarya Season 3 Part 2 Release Date - Is This The Last Chapter Of The Story? 

Hopefully, all the loopholes of Part 1 will be covered in Season 3 Part 2! The story ended with a major cliffhanger, Aarya promised to bring back the seized cartel, but the question is how? The Russians are surely coming down to finish her. On the other hand, Nalini as well has painted a red target on the Sareen family. She not only wants to get the whole cartel back, but she is not going to allow Aarya to establish herself in this drug business. 

In the end credits, we saw a lot of fights within the Sareen family as well. Arundhati, Veer and even Aditya are going to go against their mother. Moreover, ACP Younus is also chasing Aarya, just to find her one mistake which will eventually connect all the dots of her past crime records. We also cannot forget about Daulat! It was Tej’s death anniversary and thus Aarya thought of bailing out Daulat. He didn’t have a major role in Part 1, but we are expecting to see him back in Part 2 as well. 

Aarya’s mother doesn’t trust Sampat at all and wants Daulat back. But since Aarya had told him not to return, he plans to stay away for a while. Again, the Russians are not going to bear such a huge loss. It will be interesting to see how Officer Sushila manages to get the details to Aarya! There is also a possibility that ACP Younus will find out everything about Sushila. After all, he has already sensed that someone in his team is a mole! Moreover, Dhruv’s true side might also get exposed in Season 3 Part 2! 

Is Aarya Going To Die In Aarya Season 3 Part 2? 

One of the most noticeable scenes in the end credits was the open shootout of Aarya Sareen. This has undoubtedly raised a lot of questions out there! Is Aarya going to die? Is the series going to end with the death of Aarya? Will Aarya sacrifice her life for the kids? Well, there are endless possibilities here. Nalini can be extremely dangerous for Aarya. She will definitely not like Aarya to be the main drug supplier for the Russians.

Again, ACP Younus too has a keen eye on Aarya. If Aarya manages to swipe off the seized cartel, then Russians might spare her life. But given the nature of the underworld, it’s quite unlikely that Aarya will survive for long. There is also a good chance that with the end of Season 3 Part 2, the Sareen family might come out of the drug world. Well, fans strongly hope that Aarya continues to survive, but only time will tell what will be the ultimate course of Season 3 Part 2. 

Aarya Season 3 Part 2 Release Date – Is This The Last Chapter Of The Story? – FAQs

1. Was Aarya able to save Roop? 

Unfortunately, Aarya couldn’t save Roop from Sooraj’s evil eye. 

2. Is Sampat going to backstab Aarya? 

There is a chance that in future, Sampat will backstab Aarya. 

3. Is Arundhati in love with Dhruv?

Yes, Arundhati has developed a soft corner for Dhruv. 

4. Is Aarya Season 3 coming back with Part 2?

Yes, Aarya Season 3 will make a comeback with Part 2. 

5. Do we have a concrete release date for Aarya Season 3 Part 2? 

As per various online sources, Aarya Season 3 might roll out around the beginning of 2024. 

6. Is the blockbuster thriller, Aarya going to conclude with Season 3 Part 2?

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there is a possibility that the blockbuster thriller, Aarya is going to conclude with Season 3 Part 2.

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