Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 2 Release Date: Let’s Find Out 

Over all these years, Korean Dramas have taken their entertainment game to a next level. Thanks to all the fantasy sequences and unrealistic romance storylines. Perfect Marriage Revenge is one of the new Kdramas around the block. In this article, we will talk about the probable release date of Perfect Marriage Revenge season 2.

The Kdrama tells us a story of a girl who has never got love from any of her family members. But fate places her in a position where she manages to take revenge for her state. This show has already been on the top tiers of Korean entertainment for some time now. Since we have the first season with us, many fans might have been wondering about the release date of Perfect Marriage Revenge season 2.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 2 Release Date: What Are The Chances?

If you love to watch Kdramas, or Korean web and television shows, you must have watched a lot of love stories. Kdramas are famous for setting up unrealistic relationship expectations for everyone around us. In fact, women love to watch them due to the vanilla romance stories that the shows present us with. But Perfect Marriage Revenge is something completely different than the usual Kdrama stories show. The main female lead is actually trying to take revenge after failing to get the love she deserves. If you have not watched it yet, this might feel like one of those manhwas.

The show is actually adapted from ‘The Essence Of A Perfect Marriage’, which is a popular webtoon. The writers Lee Bae and Young, along with illustrator Je Ri-bol has been quite successful with their venture. Perfect Marriage Revenge is a Korean Drama that follows this exact same plot. Despite of it’s surprising storyline, according to netizens, this show lacks in a lot of places. Some kdrama watchers were reportedly bored by the insane nature of the revenge plot. According to some of them, the romance angles were totally unnecessary since the main aim was something else.

But in the end, the makers have managed to keep the Kdrama relevant enough for making a discussion on. Perfect Marriage Revenge season 1 ranked 3 in most searched dramas in the world. Maximum of the audience has felt the burst of romance throughout this whole season. As a result, they want more from the creators and a lot of the fans have asked for one more season. So, what is Perfect Marriage Revenge season 2 release date? As of now, Netflix has not announced anything. There is no official update about Perfect Marriage Revenge season 2 release date.

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Perfect Marriage Revenge: A Perfect Vengeance Storyline?

Imagine being born in a family where nobody, not even your sibling has any love for you. Han Yi Joo has a similar hole in her heart that she tries to cope up with. Han is the oldest daughter and her family is a wealthy household. Everyone thought when Han will grow up, she will never worry about getting anything for her. But as she stepped into adulthood, Han felt the emptiness within her. Unforgettable memories kept her inner child mad for love. Her younger sister Han Yoo Ra does not care about her after growing up 

But Han Yi has managed to set her world up gradually. She started to work as a painter and flourished as an artist. Just when Han thought that her life is probably not going in a proper direction, she met a beautiful man and fell for him. Soon, Han goes on and ties the knot with him. If you have already watched this Korean drama, you know that this incident is actually the worst decision she ever took. Although Han Yi changed her life, her house but fate followed her here, too. Han Yi almost thought her bad dreams will be over.

Unfortunately, she discovered that her husband is cheating on her. Instead of loving Han Yi, he has fallen in love with Han’s sister, Han Yoo Ra. This betrayal was too much for Han Yi but the accident that followed this was too bad. She lost all of her abilities and lost all consciousness. Soon, Han Yi discovered that she has gone back in time. This strange time travelling phenomenon gave her a chance to take revenge. Han joined hands with Seo De Guk and prepared her revengs. Seo is sitting on a heap of fortune and with him, Han will be unstoppable.

The Crew Behind The Show And Official Watching Platform

Sung Hoon and Jung Yoo Min portrays Seo De Guk and Han Yi Joo in the best possible way. Other notable cast members include Jin Ji Hee, Oh Seung Yun, Jeon No Min, Kang Shin Hyo, Lee Mi Sook, Lee Min Young, Jin Hee Kyung, Kim Eung Yoo, and Ban Hyo Jung. All the episodes of the first season of Perfect Marriage Revenge are available for streaming online. Unless Perfect Marriage Revenge season 2 release date arrives, you can watch season 1 on Apple TV.

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