The Killing Vote Season 2 Release Date: Is The Show Coming Back?

Have you ever got frustrated justice? This might have come in mind when Law has failed to deliver proper judgement. The Killing Vote season has a man who takes up justice in his hands.

Not only he disobeys the law, he also does it in a very unique and wholesome way. How he does it and why he does it, the answer lies in the plot itself. If you are a fan of the show and you are reading this, please hold on for some bit. People are already curious about the show itself and they want to know if a sequel is on the way. In this article, we will talk about the possible release date of The Killing Vote season 2.

The Killing Vote Season 2 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Imagine delivering justice in an old fashioned way. That sounds heroic as well as brutal, right? Well, The Killing Vote takes up this storyline in their first season. A man in a mysterious mask sets out with his unique mission against criminals. This task is done against.the worst criminals out there and the masked man wants to execute them all. Kdramas usually get famous for their unreal romance stories and sequences. But this time, the creators have really upped their game with this particular show. They have made a huge effort with The Killing Vote.

According to numerous critics, the performance of all the actors were spot on. They had played various characters which have got proper exposure according to the storyline. People are calling this show a splendid blend of thrill and action. Just before the season finale came, this Kdrama rose to the top of all contemporary shows. Critics watched a significant rise in the show’s viewership before the ultimate episode of The Killing Vote season 1.

Now that the show has ended, the netizens want to have another season from the creators. The name of the show was trending in social media platforms. So, what is The Killing Vote season 2 release date? When will the next season start commencing? As of now, there is no official update about The Killing Vote season 2 release date. If it happens, the new season will be out in 2024. Before even considering a potential release schedule, we will have to think about it. The creators will evaluate the chances of season 1 leaving any loose thread somewhere in the story.

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The Killing Vote: Short Synopsis Of The First Season

Imagine a world where justice is no longer served properly and criminals live a nice life in prison. Despite of the weight of their crimes, the system fails to punish them properly. No matter how intricate Law is, there is always some loopholes. On the other hand, there is corruption which affects all the judiciary panels. This is when a man in a mask decides to take up things in his hand instead of leaving it for the government. Sounds like a superhero right?

Here’s where the whole plot starts to get twisted. You will definitely get confused at what exactly lies behind that mask. Is that a hero? Or a villain? Considering how he wants to kill people makes him an antagonist. But the moment you look at the people he wants to kill, you start to think that even if the man is a villain, he is doing a hero’s work. There are a lot of criminals in this world who manage to escape justice. They live off the taxpaying citizen’s money for years and they keep on living their lives this way.

Gaetal is the unknown man who puts on a mask and takes up the law in his hands. He starts a survey through text messages where he asks the reveivers if a dangerous criminal needs to be unalived or not. In the end of the day, if atleast 50% or more of the votes turn out to be positive, Gaetal shows no hesitation at all. The masked man executes those criminals and lets the viewers watch as capital punishment is being served to an evil soul.

The Team Behind This Korean Show And Official Watching Platform 

The 11 episodes of The Killing Vote is thrilling to watch. The show features a star studded cast of Park Hae-jin, Kim Kwon, Lim Ji-yeon, Park Sung-woon, Oh Haneui, Go Geon-han, Kim Yoo-mi, Choi Yu-hwa, Young Ju Seo, Kim Min Shik, Shin Jeong-geung, Ji hye-Oh and Cha Lae Hyung.

As long as the studio does not send an update regarding The Killing Vote season 2 release date, you can rewatch the first season. All episodes are available for streaming online. If you want to watch The Killing Vote, please check out Amazon Prime Video.

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