Twinkling Watermelon Season 2 Release Date: Will This Ever Happen?

Time slipping is an exciting phenomenon in the theoretical world of physics. You might have watched a lot of Korean dramas in the past, but have you watched a KDrama that has taken up this concept? Well, Twinkling Watermelon has come up with such a plot.

Thw story revolves around the life of a boy who was leading a normal life until the day he discovered a strange phenomenon. He could go back in time and start becoming friends with his father. Although it sounds pretty exciting, but trust me, it’s one of the most dangerous things you will ever want to happen. In this article, we will be talking about the release date of Twinkling Watermelon season 2.

Twinkling Watermelon Season 2 Release Date: Exploring Possibilities 

Through all this time, Korean entertainment industry had presented us with a lot of their productions. Although some of them has failed to shine properly, most of them has been immensely successful. Business Proposal, Sweet Home, King The Land, All Of Us Are Dead – trust me, there are almost every type of shows. KDramas present you a variety of categories like thrillers, romance stories, melodramas, revenge stories and fantasy plots. Twinkling Watermelon actually falls under the fantasy drama category although it involves some romance in places.

The story revolves around the life of a boy who was obsessed with his hobbies. But one day, rather, one event in particular, changed his whole life. Twinkling Watermelon shows us his topsy turvy journey through the past. What happens in the end or throughout the journey will actually decide his future. Most of the fans have called this the “BEST Kdrama ever”. The way they have shown a beautiful bond of friendship between a son and his father. A lot of them are calling this a vibrant, emotional and heartwarming. Expert direction and on-point screenplay has also taken Twinkling Watermelon to the next level.

The best part about watching this Kdrama is that the writers have gave us a well-knit piece of plot. The success of Twinkling Watermelon reflects on the wisom and excellence of the writer. Now that one season is here, fans are so much in love, they want another season to be here. If you are one of them, you must be wondering about a second installment too. So, what is Twinkling Watermelon season 2 release date? Well, as of now, there is no official update. The studio have not declared Twinkling Watermelon season 2 release date yet. There are very low chances of getting a second season of Twinkling Watermelon.

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Twinkling Watermelon: The Strange Life Of Eun Gyeol

They say our future is mostly in our hands – imagine a scenario where it is completely on you. As if the future of your life falls completely on your shoulders. Eun Gyeol has faced a seemingly weird scenario in his life. Twinkling Watermelon tells us the story of Eun Gyeol who is basically a high school student. He is a brilliant soul who shines brilliantly in academics – when sun sets, Eun brings out his night avatar and becomes a rockstar guitarist in his band. Eun has immense passion for music and likes to discover old vintage records.

One day, he was casually strolling across a music store out there when something made him curious. Eun Gyeol was attracted to this strange vibrant music shop and suddenly, he felt an urge to go there. As soon as Eun Gyeol entered the store, his life was completely changed. It acted as a strange portal to allow him time slip back in 1995. This was those years when Eun Gyeol’s father was in his teenage high school years, too. And as soon as Eun gains some consciousness after his time travel, he meets his father, Ha Yi Chan.

But here comes the real twist in the story – Yi Chan has not yet married Eun’s mother. This time frame is far before they even met each other, so a romantic angle is yet to come. Yi Chan starts taunting and taking Eun as a lunatic because he kept calling Yi as ‘dad’. But the worse part comes in the later part of the Kdrama. Eun notices that Yi Chan is showing no attachment towards Eun’s future mother Cheong Ah. Instead, Yi Chan is desperate to fall in love with Se Kyeong. Eun Gyeol must make efforts to bring his future mom and dad together. 

The Team Behind This Korean Drama And Official Watching Platform

Ryeoun has been praised by the fans for his protrayal of Eun Gyeol. Other notable cast members include Seol In Ah, Choi Hyun Wook, Shin Eun Soo, Choi Won Young, Junhoe, Kim Joo Ryoung, Lee So Yeon, Lee Soo Min, Go Doo Shim, Seo Young Hee, Jung Sang Hoon, and Lee So Yeon. All the 16 episodes of Twinkling Watermelon are available for you to watch online. Unless the studio announces anything regarding Twinkling Watermelon season 2 release date, you can rewatch the current one. If you want to watch Twinkling Watermelon season 1, please go to Viki.

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