Farming Life in Another World Season 2 Release Date. Will We Ever Get To Watch Again? Let’s Know The Truth!

Heading from the release of a light novel to adapting it as manga and then finally as an anime TV series, are the three stages for the Japanese fictional stories to be released on different mediums and presented to the fans, as per their demands. And all these continuation depends upon one other. Thus if an anime has to be renewed it must have two sources, an ongoing manga and an ongoing light novel series as well. 

Farming Life in Another World is another kind of manga series, which has been loved by fans all around the globe. It was first launched as a light novel and later was adapted as a manga. Moving further, we have our favorite anime TV series based on these manga and light novel series, which aired from January 2023 to March of the same year. And now when it is high time, fans demand another season of the show.

So we are back here to let you know about the reason behind the renewal of the show. Will it get renewed or not? Are there any chances of its renewal? and everything will be discussed later in this article so let’s not prolong further and move to the next panel where some answers are waiting for your look. 

Farming Life in Another World Season 2 Release Date

With the release of Farming Life in Another World anime series season 1 from 6th January 2023 to 24th March 2023. People loved the show quite well. And now when it is almost the end of 2023, they ask the makers to renew it from next season as well. But the makers have yet not broken up their silence and said anything about the show’s renewal.

Also as said the rening of anime requires the continuation of manga and light novel series, and guess what this series has already ongoing manga and light novel series. So we can still expect and hope for ne season of anime to hit our screens by the middle of the year 2024. As it is not sure, let us have a glimpse at the season 1 plot and characters involved. 

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Farming Life in Another World Plot

The series begins with, the protagonist of the story, Hiraku getting his new life as an apology from God. In the last life, Hiraku was a giant strong man, who could easily defeat anyone, and also his strength feared his seven wives. He always enjoyed being intimate with his wives, but the wives feared being with him. But for some reason, he was put to death by God and he apologized to Hiraku.

Later he was incarnated to another world, where his life was very different from the previous one. Where in the previous life he lived like a king, with seven wives and children all around full of power, here in his new life he was reincarnated as a farmer. He has to look to his farms now, and also live in a village. Now, it was the responsibility of Hiraku to build up a small group of people in the village, make them live in peace, and rule them as their mayor. While giving him birth as a farmer, God converted one of his holy tools into a farming tool for him. 

Though Hiraku got a new life to live and settle in. But his charming male personality never faded away and even now the villagers come to meet him for his intelligence in growing food all alone and even the female villagers get attracted by his personality. Thus Hiraku has a new life and a new way of living his last life persona is with him, to make him feel good and strong all the time. 

Characters Of Farming Life in Another World

The characters involved in this amazing manga have a long list. Among them few are, Rurushi Ru, Machio Hiraku, Ria, Tia, Ann, Daga, Lamulias, Sena, Latismoon, Flowrem Chrome, Donovan, Flora, Ya, Yuri, Rosalind, Hakuren, Kuro, and Michael Goroun are the characters involved in the Japanese manga and anime TV series Farming Life in Another World. 

Where Is The Series Available

Farming Life in Another World series was released on BS TV Tokyo and AT-X as well. 

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