City of Arrogance Chapter 19 Release Date: Newest Addition Coming Soon

Personal losses are indeed devastating for anyone in this world. But ignoring all that and fighting for your family as well as a kingdom? City of Arrogance is a manhwa that mainly focuses on a similar storyline.

The story is about a warrior who successfully leads her kingdom to win a tough war. But are her honest and brave efforts directly rewarded? Actually no, but she decides to change the ending of her story. This new manhwa has started to gain success due to efforts from the creators. People have read the chapters and they have liked the story. Many of them are interested about this manhwa and they want to know about the release date of City of Arrogance Chapter 19.

City of Arrogance Chapter 19 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities

Manhwas that deal with complex topics like politics and emotions are quite underrated. We might have come across a lot of storylines where the main character has fallen in love with someone from an alternate reality. We have also read manhwas that talk about people taking rebirth in order to take revenge on their enemies. On the other hand, you might have also read transmigration and regression plots. But City of Arrogance stands out from most of them because of how difficult and complex it’s plot is. If you have read the manhwa, you already know what I am talking about.

In this article, we will discuss about the possible spoilers of the upcoming chapter after telling you the release date of it. In the next part, there will be a short recap from the beginning. So even if you have not read City of Arrogance yet, please do not worry at all. This is a new manhwa and the creators have tried very hard to make it likeable for all the otakus out there. People have loved the character of the female lead. According to some readers, a lot of the sequences and her words are relatable for them. The way she chose money over a life partner is indeed relatable in a lot of cases.

The female lead has got good amount of exposure naturally due to her involvement with the plot. City of Arrogance has a proper level of storytelling that makes all the complex knots prominent for all of us to understand. Otakus have liked this approach and they want to know if a new chapter is on the way. So, what is City of Arrogance Chapter 19 release date? Will this get delayed by any chance? Since this is a new manhwa, there are slight chances of delay. City of Arrogance Chapter 19 release date is 16 October 2023. Japan, Australia and Korea will get it on Thursday. However, in Canada, Philippines and everywhere else, City of Arrogance Chapter 19 release date is 15 October 2023.

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City of Arrogance: The Struggle For Salvation 

Since you have already come across the first phases of our article today, you must have understood the backgrounds of the story. City of Arrogance revolves around an unusual romance story. But before that romance actually happens, there is a lot of complexity in the plot. The female lead and male lead has to overcome a lot of boundaries in order to reach a better ending. City of Arrogance tells us the story of Asha Perbaz. She is a fierce warrior who had to lead the Pervaz Kingdom into a war. But Asha was always not like this but one incident changed the course of her life.

Asha Perbaz lost her father and her brother in an unfortunate course of events. Her father was the one who guarded the Prince of Pervaz long time ago. He was the one who was ready to take a bullet for him if needed. Asha did not only lose her father, the Pervaz empire also lost their best defender. As a result, Asha had to step up. Due to her leadership and skills, she won a war that was going on for 28 long years. But when she wanted to claim some prize in order to help her family, the Emperor declined his promise.

In Chapter 18, we saw that Carlisle has started to like Asha a bit. This might seem extreme due to the fact that they are at loggerheads. They will keep fighting over their issues even later on. Carlisle has probably started to fall for Asha. That’s why when Decker Donovan came and Asha went on to meet him, Carlisle got jealous. That’s why he could not accept their union but kept denying that he has felt it. Carlisle will fall in love with Asha in the long run because this reaction is a strong indication for romantic feelings.

What We Can Expect From Chapter 19 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa

Since the last chapter pretty much ended with Asha and Carlisle quarreling, the next chapter might take it up from where we are standing. City of Arrogance Chapter 19 might feature more of their fighting since Carlisle is now jealous. He is starting to get a little possessive over Asha. But as long as City of Arrogance Chapter 19 release date is far away from us, let’s not speculate much. If you want to read this manhwa, please visit Naver.

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