Saturdays Season 2 Release Date. Will The Show Be On-Air Soon? Finding The Truth!

Series have been the best part of entertainment these days, and even more than film when compared. Films are just three-hour shows, while the web series can be watched anytime, in small parts when you are free and need some detoxification. Web series these days are of almost every genre. If you are the one attached to one genre you can still be fixed and watch series, while if you are a mixed breed you can go with every releasing series. 

The series we will be discussing today is this comedy genre series, which is for the youth who are in their teenage and their 20s. The series Saturdays hit the screens of audiences on March 2023 via Disney Channel Networks. Saturdays has been the most loved series for all ages of the fans, as it has no nudity or sexuality but only the dreamy and enthusiastic girls trying to achieve their goals. But what are their goals? Who are the girls? 

All of these are running in your mind, we know! TO stop all you overthinking and answer all the queries we are here again, with this amazing article, to let you know about this amazing new-age comedy-drama TV series, “Saturdays”. Now when there is a series already released in March, of course, people have been questioning its renewal. So we will talk about this as well. 

Saturdays Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of this comedy series hit our screens on 24th March 2023 and lasted till 12th May 2023. After much time the season has been terminated and the year is about to end, and fans ask for the renewal of this show. And when is it going to return to them, as they are excited to know more about the story?

Well, in answer to this, we have something good for you. As the makers of the series have yet not made any public announcement regarding the renewal or the cancellation of the show. As far as the reviews and ratings suggest, the show is sure to be renewed for its sequel. But still, we need to wait to know the clear and real statements from either the makers or Disney Channel about the show’s second season.

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Premise For Saturdays Series

The series begins showing the protagonist of the series, Paris Johnson played by Danielle Jalade who is just a 14-year-old girl, who loves skating. He thus decides one day to make a group of skating girls along with her best friends, and make their name in the entire world. Paris, along with her friends, Simone Samson, and Ari Stevens played by Daria Johns and Peyton Z. Basnight respectively formed a skating group.

The group of these three girls’ best friends was named “We-B-Girlz” and they decided to practice all day long in their streets and get some name in the world. Paris attired th love for skates from their childhood since she went out on the streets on weekends and holidays to spend her time only kating. This increased her excitement to be the world champion in the skates. 

Season 1 was aimed to tell about the three girls, how they initiated their groups, and their love for the skating championship. The first season thus ended with a cliffhanger to fans about what will happen to their team. will they win or lose the game? For this, the show must have a sequel. and so the fans urge and demand the makers to release the new season soon. 

Cast Of Saturdays Series

The crew list of the series Saturdays doesn’t involve many of them. The main people in the cast involved, are Paris Johnson by Danielle Jalade, London Johnson by Jermaine HAriis, Deb Johnson by Golden Brooks, Cal Johnson by Omar Gooding, Ari Stevens by Peyton Z. Basnight, Simne Smson by Daria Johns, and Derek by Tim Jonhson Jr. are the cast in the leading roles.

While the ones in recurring roles include, Madison Ortiz by Missy Fierro, Ivan by Noah Cottrell, Duchess by Yolanda Whatker, Booker by Issac Ryan Brown, and Princess by Da Brat are some guest crew members as well. This was all the actors and actresses who took part in the series Saturdays first season. And are believed to remain the same in their sequels as well. 

Where Is The Series Available 

Saturdays is available on Disney Channel from March 2023 to present. 

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