To Not Die Chapter 111 Release Date: Sooner Than Expected? 

It’s an unfortunate fact, but most probably all of us have faced bullying in school, haven’t we? What if the bullies you faced transforms you to one of the strongest souls that ever lived? To Not Die is about a journey like this.

The manhwa revolves around a boy who suffers bullying almost on a regular basis. But one day, he decides that that is enough and hence, starts to fight back. Trust me, everyone loves such a comeback story and that is why, To Not Die has achieved so much love. In this article, we will discuss about the release date of To Not Die Chapter 111.

To Not Die Chapter 111 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

There has been a lot of stories regarding fantasies or unreal romances. And mostly, since a couple of months, we have had regression and reincarnation plots. But manhwas often are the best in motivational storylines. They are best in protraying character development and proper protagonistic arcs. To Not Die might not be a newly released manhwa but even to this day, otakus love it. People were excited with every one of the chapters that has come out yet. It has a unique storyline that will definitely keep you intrigued.

To Not Die revolves around a boy who feels weaker every time he goes to his high school where people keeps bullying him. One day he stops taking torture from everyone and sets an example for the bullies. Otakus have loved how elaborated all the characters are including villains and enemies. The main character is strong and he gets used to all the adversities pretty soon. All of his struggles are pretty realistic and this helps to maintain We get enough exposure about how the main character gets his own development arc. 

Simce otakus have loved To Not Die, the manhwa has released 110 chapters. The creators have not disappointed us with any of the chapters till now. So, people are curious if we are going to get another chapter. What is To Not Die Chapter 111 release date? Is this chapter going to be a concluding one? Well, the manhwa is not going to conclude this soon. There are still a lot of way left to go before we can get a proper ending. To Not Die Chapter 111 release date is 17th November 2023. You will be able to read the new chapter on Wednesday. To Not Die Chapter 111 release date remains same for Canada, India, Central Europe, Japan and Korea.

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Story Of To Not Die: The Quest Against Bullying

Since we are far away from the introduction part in the beginning, I hope you have understood the backgrounds of this story. To Not Die tells us the story of a high school student. Dajun is the main character and the protagonist of this manhwa. He is a nice soul but people in his high school loves to bully him. Their insults and taunts just agitates Dajun and pushes him towards the edges of insanity. After one certain time, Dajun decided that he has had enough and wanted to give up.

Just when he was going to do something bad to himself, one incident turned Dajun’s face back to life. He looks at his state and understands his value. Dajun decides that he does not deserve such a cruel ending. He does not deserve to get bullied in this manner. Dajun watches an interview about a murderer – he killed his bullies in school and got arrested. This served as a strange inspiration behind Dajun as he got motivated after this. Now, all he wants is revenge and nothing else. Unless he succeeds, Dajun will leave no stone unturned.

In Chapter 110, we see our main character stuck in a bad situation. Dajun’s father is not doing well at all – he has failed in his endeavours and this has resulted in extreme debt. His whole family is suffering because of this and with every passing day, the situation gets even worse. Dajun’s father lent money from a criminal organisation. After his business went upside down, this organisation is threatening to kill Dajun’s sister and mother. So Dajun must work his ways through in illegal ways in order to earn loads of money.

What We Can Get From Chapter 111 And Official Watching Platform Of The Manhwa

The last chapter of To Not Die ended with a violent situation, the upcoming chapter will likely provide a proper ending. In Chapter 111, we will see the struggle between Gangbuk and Hengweng. These two gang and it’s members are in a constant rivalry among each other. There’s a high chance that Gangbuk will reunite despite it’s differences among various clans. Unless To Not Die Chapter 111 release date is finally here, we will stay away from calling these potential spoilers. If you want to read this manhwa, please head on to Naver.

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