Ranker’s Return (Remake) Chapter 118 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Have you ever got bored with a game that you have been playing successfully for a long time? Well, it has happened with me once ro twice. What if you had to had to play that game from level zero again? Ranker’s Return (Remake) has a similar type of storyline.

The manhwa revolves around a professional gamer who used to be a hero in a game. Since he was bored, be deleted his account but now, his necessities are forcing him to play the same game again and achieve the same success. This is one of those MMORPG manhwas and might sound cliche too. But otakus want to read this a lot. Many of them are curious about an upcoming chapter and they want to find out the release date of Ranker’s Return (Remake) Chapter 118.

Ranker’s Return (Remake) Chapter 118 Release Date: Coming Up Soon

If you have played RPG games, or VRMMORPG, you might have come across this manhwa before. Even if you have not read it yet, in this article, we will let you know about the story and how far we have come. So please take your time and go through this piece right here. Ranker’s Return (Remake) is actually a remade manhwa of Ranker’s Return. A huge amount of fans hated how the previous manhwa kept going with it’s storyline. There were even a lot of negative comments in otaku servers in Discord. That’s why, the creators decided to come up with Ranker’s Return (Remake).

The story is about a professional gamer, who happens to be the main character of Ranker’s Return (Remake). He is a skilled gamer who used to have great ranks and now, he have to achieve all of it again. He destroyed his previous records and achievements, so unless he can rewrite his track, nobody can help him reach those milestones again. People are kind of bored at this point by constantly reading reincarnation and regression categories. Even if this sounds like a basic one, Ranker’s Return (Remake) will just be the perfect manhwa for you if you are a gamer and an otaku.

Many of the fans have loved how we have seen the growth of our gamer here. In fact, people are loving the plot of this manhwa a lot. Till now, the manhwa has published over a hundred chapters, 117 to be exact. After the last chapter came out, otakus are quite excited. They think that a new chapter might be on the way, so let’s talk about it. What is Ranker’s Return (Remake) Chapter 118 release date? Indian Otakus will get the new chapter on Monday. Ranker’s Return (Remake) Chapter 118 release date is 13th November 2023. Only in Japan, Korea and Indonesia, Ranker’s Return (Remake) Chapter 118 release date is 14th November.

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Ranker’s Return (Remake): Journey Of A Hero From Zero

Since we are far from the introduction of this article, I assume that you have already gone through the basic background and theme of this manhwa. Keeping that in mind, let us start by giving you a short recap just in case you are yet to read this manhwa. Ranker’s Return (Remake) revolves around Meleegod who is a professional gamer. He got famous due to his skills and tactics in a game called Arena. This is actually a Virtual Reality game world where players have to fight your way to the top by ranking yourself up.

Meleegod has achieved a significant respect in Arena but after he made a world record, he got bored with the game. He deleted his account, cleared his cache files and left no trace of himself in Arena. Meleegod went on with his life and joined the military. Years after, he came back to his roots, came back to his family. He saw them struggling to pay bills and knee deep in extreme debt. At that point of time, Meleegod had no other option but to turn his life back to the world of Arena. He must make a new account and use his prior knowledge and experience. Meleegod has a long way to go before he gets his glory again.

In Chapter 117, we see an important discussion going on between one of our protagonistic character and Mascherano. Mascherano is a pretty experienced man in the field and he has earned his name. However, he must be successful in fight against the Alley Boss. That is a strong opportunity for everyone because the mysterious Alley Boss has over 1.2k rank. Both of them are lost in deep thoughts over how they will be victorious in the Colosseum. It’s a place of valour, guts and glory and Mascherano will probably fail to play alone.

What We Can Get From Chapter 118 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa

The last chapter has left all the fans wondering about what happens next. No, we are far from talking about potential spoilers of the upcoming chapter. But in chapter 118, we might see Rain making some bold moves. There has been different problems regarding the fights and the Alley Boss has been successful in instilling fear inside the players’ minds. But Rain will make one desperate attempt in order to bring down this high ranked opponent. Before Ranker’s Return (Remake) Chapter 118 release date is here, we will never be able to figure out what happens next. If you want to read the manhwa, please visit Naver.

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