Killer Pietro Chapter 13: Release Date, Recap & More

Betrayal is the worst possible thing that can happen to anyone. What if you got a chance to take a revenge for it? Wouldn’t that be a lot better? Killer Pietro has a similar story behind it.

The manhwa revolves around a murderer who is somehow betrayed badly. In his newly earned chance at life, the main character earns one last shot at redemption. He was never a hero but nobody wants to miss out a chance of redeeming themselves. This is a new manhwa that’s getting fame recently. The otakus are curious and they want to find out the release date of Killer Pietro Chapter 13.

Killer Pietro Chapter 13: Release Date Of The Manhwa

There are a countless number of times when people have just wanted another chance to do something. Be it fulfilling a wish, doing something in a different way, or undoing something from the past, normally time does not allow us to do any of these. Time has a linear flow, and in our daily lives, there is no chance of redoing something. But Killer Pietro provided an exciting storyline where life gives the main character another chance. How he uses it and what type of deeds he do after that is what makes up the chapters of this manhwa.

If you have read Killer Pietro and you are a fan, then you already know the plot and it’s backgrounds. Even if you are yet to start reading this, by simply looking at the number of chapters, you can tell that this is a new manhwa. All the 12 chapters are filled with properly depicted characters and all of them stand equally important. The writers and artists have always done their job so good that you will not feel that Killer Pietro is a new manhwa. The storyline, the build-up, the character arcs, everything has contributed towards a huge success. Now, let’s just focus on the main topic here.

Since some days, otakus on different platforms and medias are talking about Killer Pietro. In this article we will be discussing about an upcoming chapter before jumping onto the plot. So, what is Killer Pietro Chapter 13 release date? Will this chapter be delayed before it’s release, or will it stay on schedule? Since the creators are quite sincere, this manhwa will not delay it’s releases. Killer Pietro Chapter 13 release date is 10th November 2023. Otakus will get this chapter on Friday. Killer Pietro Chapter 13 release date will be same for Europe, New York, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. 

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Killer Pietro: A Tale Of Betrayal And Revenge

Have you ever imagined dying with a regret? A regret of not being able to finish some things before dying? Killer Pietro present us with a glimpse to a storyline that talks about this idea. Since you have scrolled this far, I assume you have already gone through the introduction in our article here. The story of the manhwa revolves around an old man called Pietro or Peter. He is an old murderer, he has aged a lot. Through all his years of being active as a criminal, Pietro has not failed to deliver. As a result, he has made enemies in the field.

When Pietro started growing old, he started to lose his skills. He was not as agile he was before, he did not have the stealth he had while he was younger. But nobody could kill him – a lot of mercenaries tried but all of them failed. Pietro had some regrets of his own. He was carrying the heavy load of guilt on his shoulders and he just wanted to die. But for some reason, our main character did not lose his life ultimately. Pietro was not reborn, he was not regressed but he just got recharged like a battery. 

Pietro had his body rejuvenated and energised. As a result, he lost all his old ageing and gained new energy. In his past old life, many people have broken Pietro’s trust. He has got betrayed and stabbed behind the back for a good couple of times. People have even tried to kill Pietro instead of understanding his position on certain cases. When Pietro got energised, with his new body, he wanted to become a official killer. In Chapter 12, we get to see the sad past of Park Sangdo. He is one of the protagonists who got bullied when he was a child.

What To Expect From Chapter 13 And Where We Can Read This Manhwa 

Since the last chapter was trying to establish a proper situation between Pietro and Sangdo, Chapter 13 might feature it. In this upcoming chapter, we will get to see Sangdo’s opposition trying to harm normal people. Assassins are trying to detonate a suitcase bomb and they have also held hostages inside. Park will ambush Sangdo and forcibly trap a grenade into his face. Till Killer Pietro Chapter 13 arrives here, we will not be able to know further. If you want to read the manhwa, please take your time and go to Naver.

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