Finding Camellia Chapter 94 Release Date Is Now Proclaimed!

Sheathed with secrets, lies and betrayals, Finding Camellia is a Korean coming-of-age manga. Manifested by Soye Jin, the fantasy webcomic delves into a broad category of genres including aristocracy, romance and childhood trauma. The Isekai manhwa is essentially described as a “gender bender” and features a compelling plot. The storyline is complemented by the artwork and character ensemble which is led by Camellia, a teenager who’s forced to deal with an abusive stepmother. 

While the concept is essentially a bit monochromatic, it is the execution that has propelled the budding growth of the manhwa. Naturally, the webcomic has caused quite an uproar due to the same and has amassed a fanbase spanning millions of people. Now, these fanatics are wondering whether Finding Camellia Chapter 94 release date has been confirmed. If you, too, are mulling over the same, dive in!

Finding Camellia Chapter 94 Release Date

Penned by Jin and illustrated by Surreuk Comics, Finding Camellia was initially published as a web novel in October 2020. Its individual chapters have been accumulated into three volumes so far with the recent one being published in March 2023. A year after the webtoon’s launch, Jin began serializing it as a manhwa, which is now licensed by Manta Comics. Currently, the manga is running parallel to the webtoon’s first story arc and is inching closer to the said arc’s climax. Due to the same, the upcoming iteration has garnered the attention of millions. 

Recently, the author confirmed that Finding Camellia Chapter 94 has been scheduled to be released on November 10, 2023. It will be available on Manta Comics in both the Korean and English languages subsequently. It will also be published on the Webtoon platform the same day, following the trend set by its predecessors.

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Finding Camellia Manga Overview

Also renowned as Please Be Patient, Grand Duke, the manhwa revolves around Camellia aka Lia who’s forced to endure an onerous childhood. She is adopted by a monarch, Anastasia, who claims that her son, Kieran, has been almost frozen to death because of a mistake committed by Camellia’s mother, Laura. In exchange for not reporting Laura to the federal officers, Anastasia demands Camellia’s custody. 

With her glimmering blonde hair and emerald eyes, Camellia closely resembles Kieran’s physique and is forced to crossdress and behave like him. She manoeuvres her newfound reality with ease but is unable to deal with the nagging voice in her head. She continues living a dual life as Gilliard’s brother, Kieran for everyone and as Lia for herself. However, the unremitting doubt soon transforms into an unyielding yearning and she is left to endure her step-mother’s disdain alone. 

Camellia as Kieran then comes across Ian, a flamboyant royalty, and soon becomes friends with him. Meanwhile, Claude, a dark-haired noble heir and Gilliard’s friend, starts suspecting Camellia but is unable to pinpoint anything against her. Eventually, her loneliness clouds her conscience and she is unable to look past her woeful life.

Finding Camellia Chapter 94 Plot

Despite being caged in solitude with nothing but secrets and lies to accompany her, Camellia refuses to betray her mother. She continues her role while the real Kieran seeks treatment and Anastasia keeps tormenting her. However, Claude succeeds in divulging the truth and urges her to confront the Bale family, especially Kieran.

In the previous chapter, Kieran admitted that it was his own mother who left him to freeze by the lake. Laura is as innocent as Lia and has had to endure Anastasia’s misdemeanour unnecessarily. Finding Camellia Chapter 94 will portray Lia seeking refuge in Claude, who has also deduced the lowkey secret of the Bale family.

Finding Camellia Chapter 94 Release Date

1. What is the Finding Camellia Manga About? 

It is a fantastical manga that chronicles the heartwrenching tale of Camellia, who is forced to endure the wrath of her stepmother. 

2. Who is the Author of Finding Camellia Manga?

Finding Camellia is penned by Soye Jin and illustrated by Surreuk Comics.

3. Is Finding Camellia Manhwa Adapted From a Novel?

Yes, Finding Camellia is adapted from an eponymous novel.

4. Is the Finding Camellia Chapter 94 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Finding Camellia Chapter 94 Release?

Finding Camellia Chapter 94 is scheduled to be released on November 10, 2023.

6. Where to Read Finding Camellia Chapter 94 Online?

You can read the manga on Manta Comics and Webtoon in both English and Korean languages.

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