Villain To Kill Chapter 122 Release Date Astounds Fanatics!

With more flips and turns than a rollercoaster on a rough road, this entertaining Korean manhwa series, Villain To Kill is back. Prepare yourself for an incredible journey filled with compelling storylines and surprising turns that will leave you laughing uncontrollably and gasping for air at the same time. Our favourite characters are involved in even more exciting scenarios in this most recent episode that will have you in stitches and with your sides hurting from laughing. Set your calendars and polish your reading glasses! Villain to Kill Chapter 122 is about to be released and will have you clamouring for more.

Villain To Kill Chapter 122 Release Date

Chapter 120 of Villain to Kill will be released this coming week, having already been posted on October 9 of the previous week. On November 07, 2023, Chapter 122 is scheduled for publication. At 12:00 am, that is 8.30 pm on November 6th, is when the release will happen. On the official website, new chapters are posted every week.

Villain To Kill Chapter 122: Spoilers!

Raul and Rick summoned them for a meeting at such short notice, which confused Kim Uchan and made Rick feel awful about their behaviour. Rick expressed his desire to have a proper conversation with him and said that it was not necessary. Rick informed Kim Uchan that Rampus was his place of business, even though she had proposed they meet there.

There’s better cuisine and a nicer mood at this location, he claims. According to Kim Uchan, everything at Rampus Cafeteria was good. Raul said that he now knew more about Gadamgu Villzone’s villainous leader, Cassian. In contrast to what he had claimed, Raul assured them he wasn’t as bad and unfaithful.

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Villain To Kill Chapter 122 Recap

We recommend reading Chapter 120 for fundamental concepts, but as of right now, we don’t have any specific changes for Chapter 121. Chapter 120 describes Gaichi’s choice to participate in Ju Ak’s action. Ju Ak is trying to persuade Gaichi to lend him a hand. If Gaichi falls for his antics, it will be interesting to see.

The two Cassian group members in the Villzone may be questioned about their motivations in Chapter 120. They are present, although it’s unknown why they are there. There will be problems because of them.

Gaichi decides whether or not to follow Ju Ak’s lead. Entering the Villzone, two Cassian operatives get to work. We learn Villzone’s objectives and the reasons for the Cassian organisation. Now that Ju Ak’s true intentions are revealed, Gaichi needs to confront him. The emotional struggle between Gaichi and Ju Ak jeopardises Villzone’s safety.

Platform To Read

Fupin is the author of the Korean graphic novel Villain To Kill, while Eunji is the illustrator. It may be found on the official website,, in the English language. Because Webtoon Entertainment produced the original manhwa series online. The manga’s first serialisation started on June 21, 2021. Similar to the majority of manhwas featured on Webtoon Entertainment, this one is released on a weekly basis, with new chapters being added every Tuesday evening.

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