Is The Chinese Donghua, 4 Cut Hero Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

A Chinese animated series, 4 Cut Hero has established itself as a captivating cross-genre blend. It delves into the parody, thrill and humour genres to deliver a relatable slice-of-life storyline. Revolving around a “lazy” hero, the donghua features a delectable virtual cast ensemble led by the voiceover artist Zhenji Huang. Influenced heavily by the otaku culture, the director Kaihang Chen weaves the anime through time manipulation and regression themes along with the fantasy genre. The series explores nearly a dozen genres and yet remains a delightful watch, even if slightly chaotic and crowded at times.

The anime is described as a contrast to the generic themes and has succeeded in establishing a wide fanbase. Now these fanatics are scouring the Internet for the latest updates regarding a sequel. So, if you, too, are wondering whether the 4 Cut Hero Season 2 release date has been confirmed, dive in!

4 Cut Hero Season 2 Release Date

This genre mishmash hasn’t yet been approved for a sequel. This is not to say the creators aren’t planning to elaborate on the Ecchi universe. With fans raving about the anime, the chances of approval are high. Moreover, since 4 Cut Hero is adapted from a Korean webtoon by Gojira-kun, which boasts nearly 200 chapters to its name, there is enough source material available. The debut season has only explored the initial chapters of the webcomic, leaving fans with multiple cliffhangers.

If 4 Cut Hero Season 2 is greenlit, it can be expected to premiere in August 2024 or the first quarter of 2025, following the trend set by its predecessor. It will most likely feature ten episodes and air on BiliBili. The eclectic donghua by Studio Phantom would join the Chinese donghuas Link Click, Monster Diner and Beryl and Sapphire.

What is the 4 Cut Hero Anime About?

4 Cut Hero was initially announced in the annual Bilibili event on October 29 alongside Spirits in Chinese Brusher and The Little Master’s Better Life. The creators confirmed that their upcoming project is an adaptation of the Korean webtoon and will be a blend of the “lazy hero” trope and slice-of-life genre. It dropped a year after its announcement on July 17, 2023, under the Chinese title, “Si Ge Yongzhe”.

The series follows, Zeed Toven, a martial arts expert who embarks on a journey to defeat the Demon King and salvage the princess. He weaves through a string of setbacks and hurdles to reach the Demon King and formulates a plan to take him down. Eventually, he succeeds in his mission and defeats the Demon King. However, the princess Toven set out to protect turns out to be a prince and victory isn’t as glamorous as he initially perceived to be.

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4 Cut Hero Season 2 Plot

After defeating the Demon King, Zeed ventures into a new life only to be flabbergasted again. His new life proves to be a string of disappointments, failures and obstacles. From facing unemployment to struggling with his emotions, Toven is left enduring hardship in a world entirely foreign to him. His heroic dreams clash against his newfound reality and the tribulations that accompany it. Moreover, Zeed’s already hilarious and exhilarating journey is adorned with a stretch of cross-dressing humans and time-manipulating demons.

Since the donghua doesn’t follow a set storyline and instead delves into real-life trends, the sequel is expected to explore the realm of ordinary issues. 4 Cut Hero Season 2 will continue portraying Toven amid exceptional scenarios as he “navigates the challenges of everyday life, often contrasting with the grandeur of his heroic dreams.” 

4 Cut Hero Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the 4 Cut Hero Series About?

It is a fantasy anime centred around Zeed Toven, who embarks on a new life after defeating the Demon King.

2. Is the 4 Cut Hero Series Adapted From a Webtoon?

Yes, 4 Cut Hero anime is adapted from the eponymous manhwa penned by Gojira-kun.

3. Who is the Creator of 4 Cut Hero Anime?

The anime is directed by Kaihang Chen.

4. Is the 4 Cut Hero Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, the 4 Cut Hero Season 2 release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

5. Is a Trailer Available for 4 Cut Hero Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for 4 Cut Hero Season 2.

6. Where to Watch the 4 Cut Hero Series?

You can stream the donghua on Bilibili.

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