The Law Of Being Friends With A Male Chapter 32 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Everything You Must Know!

romantic manga is the love and center of attraction for manga readers all around the globe. The Law Of Being Friends With A Male is the same kind of romantic manga, which starts with a twist in the story, and by the middle of the series, you will be excited to know what is happening by the end of it. Do not get confused, by the relations mentioned. It is a romantic manga with a quick blend of comedy and fun.

All of the above, the best part of it is the love story between the freshers starting their new life in college who have already dreamt of their college life. And in their beginning days they were bored as nothing was the same as this, but soon when they met each other their love story initiated and now they are into each other. Now who are they? And what is between them? Let’s find out in the very next part of the article. 

This article will be all about this amazing manga. Along with the plot, we will also tell you the release date of its new upcoming chapters along with the spoilers and of course a quick recap of its recent release. Now let’s not prolong the discussion and delve deep into the series. 

The Law Of Being Friends With A Male Chapter 32 Release Date

With the release of chapter 31 last week, fans have gone crazy seeing the love story between our male and female protagonists and now they demand to schedule the new releases of the series soon. And instead of releasing new chapters once in a week, they must give two or three chapters a week. But chapter 32 is back again to them, within a week. It is scheduled to be released on 24th October, 2023. Where you can read it? Read the article till the end to know it. 

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Previously In The Series

The series as marked earlier revolves around the male and female protagonists, who have recently completed high school and are now freshers in college, who have already seen in their dreams about their college life, their friends and love everything. But initially when nothing goes as thought they are unhappy. But now when they are close to each other, they enjoy each other’s company. But who are they now?

The male protagonist is Lee Seo Hyun and the female protagonist is Kim Ji Wong. They both have recently joined their college and in the beginning, were not familiar and friends with each other. But now that they both have started talking to each other and being close enough, they feel happy together. As they are getting close to each other, both Hyun and Wong come to know more about each other likes and dislikes, and both enjoy their company being together.

Chapter 32 Spoilers

In the last chapter 31, we see Hyun and Woong sitting together having a cute conversation, where Hyun is flirting with Woong. Though Woong likes it on the inner self, she is still trying to get a bit stuck in front of Hyun and telling him to stop. But men are men, he even knows she loves being flirted and so he continues. But then enters a girl named Mi Ra, who always tries to come close to Hyun, which makes Woong jealous. 

In the shirt task, Hyun and Woong are partners, while Woong tells him to leave the t-shirt at her home, and they will get it tomorrow morning from her house. Hyun agrees to her idea and asks her to keep the shirt with herself, and he will wait for her by the side of her home the next morning. But then suddenly Hyun gets a call from Mi Ra, and Woong recognizes her voice. Jealousy is seen clearly in her face,

While thennextcha[ter 32, clearly depicts that it will be a fun part, Hyun is talking more about Mi Ra to make Woong jealous of her. In the next chapter, we will see their compatibility in the shirt task at college along with their love relation moving further ahead. 

Where Is The Series Available?

The Law Of Being Friends With A Male manga is available for the readers on Naver Webtoon, which is their official page. 

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