Still Up Season 2 Release Date: Is It Getting Renewed?

Have you ever talked with someone during the wee hours of the night? The whole world is asleep and it’s just the two of you talking? Still Up provides such a romantic story to the viewers.

The plot centres around two people who trying to come closer to each other. They cannot sleep and they are trying their best to maintain the connection that they are gradually developing between them. Still Up is a new and fresh romantic series that got a huge response from the audience after it premiered. Now, the viewers are very curious about the release date of Still Up Season 2.

Still Up Season 2 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities

Apple TV+ has recently brought us a lot of new series and the audience has loved most of their releases. Especially if they have a plot that can feel relatable to most of the audience. Still Up has managed to do that on a very deep level. Not only did the audience feel good after watching the first season, but they also wanted to see Still Up attempting a second run. The makers have been successful in their project and as far as we know, the story is a lot more attractive. The first season has had a huge response from the audience and subscribers.

The story is about two insomniacs who are having a hard time being alive. Both are frustrated with their lives and they want to get some fresh air. So the duo have started to talk with each other when they cannot sleep at night. You know, this might be the most relatable story for a lot of us. There were instances when we talked with someone we liked. We have even been on a call with the person of our interest. These moments stay in our mind and to some people, they will feel them again when they watch Still Up. Now, a lot of viewers want to know – what is Still Up Season 2 Release Date?

Did the show get canceled after just one season? Well, everyone who has watched the series, probably all of them is hoping that Still Up is not cancelled. Let me tell you the possibilities right now. We still have no news about Still Up Season 2 release date. The makers have not confirmed the renewal status of the show. They have not announced anything regarding the second season. We have no official news about the plot or any new actor who might be joining the crew. Even if there’s a new season on the cards, Still Up Season 2 release date might be in June 2024.

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Still Up: Two Insomniacs And Their Late-night Chit-chats

Usually, the late-night talks often lead to a romantic relationship. But often, they might develop a good friendship as well. Still Up revolves around the life of a painter and a journalist. While Lisa loves to express her creativity and free spirit through her artwork, Danny is a journalist who suffers deeply from extreme levels of social anxiety. Lisa cannot sleep at night – she keeps on overthinking and panicking over what will happen to her daughter in the future. On the other hand, Danny spends his sleepless nights thinking about how he will function at work tomorrow.

But somehow, these two people come close together. Since both of them suffer from insomnia, they start to connect with each other. They live miles away from one another – in fact, the duo is on the exact opposite sides of London. Lisa lives with Veggie, her partner and they have a 5-year-old daughter. Danny lives alone in his apartment. When everyone in the world goes to sleep, Danny and Lisa stay awake. The two have managed to become almost best friends who share everything with one another over their late-night calls.

Through this series, we get to experience what actually goes on in some places of this world. The clumsy work schedules and the absence of mental peace have forced these people to stay off sleep. That’s why they keep talking on their phone when they have not even met each other for once. Danny and Lisa share almost everything they experience on a daily basis. It’s just that they don’t share what they feel about one another. No matter what keeps going on in their individual lives, Danny and Lisa keep their chit-chats on every night when the world closes its eyes.

The Team Behind Still Up And the Official Watching Platform Of The Show

This heartwarming romantic comedy first aired on 22nd September 2023 in the United Kingdom. Craig Roberts and Anthonia Thomas play the roles of Danny and Lisa respectively, the two insomniac best friends. Other notable cast members include Rich Fulcher, Samantha Spiro, Luke Fetherston, Blake Harrison, Lois Chimimba, Cathy Murphy, Glen Davies, and Jo Martin.

All eight episodes of the first season are available to stream online. Unless Still Up Season 2 release date is finally here, you won’t be able to watch it. If you want to watch Still Up Season 1, you can go to Apple TV+.

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