Sono Lillo Season 2 Release Date: The Italian Comedy Show

We all have heard about the midlife crisis, haven’t we? What if it was about a character created by our own? Sono Lillo is a television show that showcases a similar kind of story to us and today we will discuss Sono Lillo season 2.

The story is about the chaotic life of a comedian. He is constantly in a dilemma regarding one of his creations. This dilemma creates a whole mess and this is what the series is all about. Usually, television series that are dubbed do not get the fame they deserve. But this is not the case here. People are curious about the release date of Sono Lillo Season 2.

Sono Lillo Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

In most of the television series we have watched to date, there is usually another season. Unless it has flopped massively, the creators do not want to give away this one chance. Look at Doc Martin for example. That comedy series made its way to ten seasons. This is due to the good plot and well-developed characters. That is why people chose to watch the show for so long. We still have no idea if Sono Lillo will have such a spectacular run. But let us talk about it and focus on the series today. The story is about the life of a man. He is a comedian and his job is to keep people happy. 

But for some reason, his own life does not stay happy for long. Of course, it does not become a tragedy, but it starts to become stressful for him. He loses the companionship of the people he used to love the most. Now, if you have seen it, you already understand that this is a new type of plot. Italian TV audience has loved this and surprisingly, international viewers have also showered their love for this show. It has gained huge popularity and now people want to know – what is Sono Lillo Season 2 release date?

Is the series making a return soon? Before going on further with our series, let me inform all of you. Right now, we do not know about Sono Lillo Season 2 release date. The shooting will start after 16th October 2023. This is the only confirmed piece of information we have about the second installment. The director of Sono Lillo Season 2 will start filming the new scenes in Formello, Rome. A lot of famous movies and series were filmed in Rome and that place is indeed a masterpiece for shooting beautiful scenes. 

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Story Of Sono Lillo: A Comedian’s Tragic Journey Of Desperation?

A comedian’s life like all of us, has its own ups and downs. Our series tells us about a bad time in our main character’s life. Sono Lillo revolves around the life of Lillo – he is a comedian who is in his middle age. Unlike his comedy shows or his jokes, Lillo’s life is not going happy at all. No, it’s not as if his shows are failing at a constant rate. Instead, Lillo is sinking in despair. Lillo’s only motto in life is now destroying his own creation. It seems a bit weird, right? Indeed, it is much funnier than just being weird.

The most unique part about Lillo’s professional life is that he is one of the comedians who loves to make alter egos. Or, you can call them characters. Just like movies have characters, Lillo’s comedic plot contains different characters who are his creations. Incidentally, Poseman is one of them. The whole crisis in Lillo’s life surrounds the basic existence of Poseman. Somehow, our comedian thinks that all the crisis he has ever faced to date is due to that imaginary being.

In Hollywood, a lot of actors have had this feeling that they are becoming the characters they are portraying on-screen. In fact, the behavioral changes in Jared Leto after playing Joker kind of prove the fact. The same has happened with Lillo. He has acted so well as Poseman that he feels he has become Poseman himself. His nature, his identity, his body language, and behaviors match too closely with Postman. Lillo even blames Poseman for his downfall after Lillo’s wife left him. So now, he is trying to erase Poseman from his real and personal life.

The Team Behind Sono Lillo And Official Watching Platform

The Italian Comedy drama is indeed a good piece of entertainment for people who love comedy and like to explore series. Pasquale Petrolo plays the role of our comedian Lillo. Other notable cast members include Sara Lazzaro, Cristiano Caccamo, Marco Marzocca, Pietro Sermonti, Camilla Filippi, Anna Bonaiuto, Paolo Calabresi, Luis Molteni, and Maccio Capatonda.

The first episode of Sono Lillo premiered on 5th January 2023. Before Sono Lillo Season 2 is finally here, you can watch the first season of Lillo’s story. All the episodes of Sono Lillo are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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