Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 Release Date Proclamation Enthralls Fanatics! 

Revolving around a delectable trove, Hoarding in Hell is an Isekai manga exploring the thrill and dystopian genres. It is helmed by History of Three States’ Coby and The Stars Are on My Side’s author, Corgi Bear. The fantasy manga tries to explore the rehashed themes of reincarnation, action, adventure, dystopian science and suspense. It aligns its focus on a mere miner, Hyunmoo Kang and chronicles his journey of leveraging his identity to its fullest. Due to its generic storyline, the manhwa was initially criticized to be imitating Solo Levelling and other reincarnation web novels. However, with the recent story arc introduced by the authors, it has begun garnering a loyal fanbase.

Naturally, questions regarding the Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 release date are flourishing seamlessly. So, here is a piece of good news for you!

Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 Release Date

Both the authors, Coby and Corgi Bear, collaborated with the Action Idols: Age of Young Dragon’s illustrator, Kim Dong-hoon, in late 2021. They began serializing Hoarding in Hell in the Korean language on the Kakao Page just a couple of months later. Though the manga initially went through severe criticism, it bounced back a few chapters later. 

Coby, Corgi and Kim then went on to translate the manhwa and launched the scanned version in early 2022. The creators have aspired to maintain a steady publishing schedule since then. However, they were unable to continue with the manhwa due to some health issues. Hoarding in Hell, also renowned as Monopoly in Hell, then went on a ten-month-long hiatus, rendering fanatics aggravated. The creators launched the second season of the manga in August 2023 and have succeeded in fulfilling their aspirations.

Due to their steady publishing schedule, it is confirmed that Hoarding in Hell will be released on October 16, 2023. The raw scans are licensed by the Kakao Page while Tapas hosts the English-dubbed version. The translated chapter would be available a while after the Korean edition though.

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Hoarding in Hell Manga Overview

Referred to as a dungeonhwa (Dungeon-oriented manhwa), Hoarding in Hell is set in a parallel universe, portraying both the gloomy future and the current scenario simultaneously. It follows Hyunmoo Kang, who is a relatively normal miner born to a low-level excavator. He struggles to earn any decent money due to his lack of any nuanced quirk. Kang’s situation is further escalated due to his father’s unfortunate demise.

He then inherits a mystical “hearthstone” which transports him into an apocalyptic future with the words, “Difficulty: Hell” sprawled over in front of him. As he begins witnessing the dungeons and monsters, Kang is pushed to the brink of death countless times. However, he is revived due to the glimmering stone and develops additional combat skills. Hyunmoo begins travelling back and forth into the future, where the entire human race has been destroyed. He indulges in trading the crystals from the future, drawing unnecessary attention towards himself.

Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 Plot

As Hyunmoo continues time travelling and hoarding precious jewels, he begins wondering about the reason behind the deserted lands. He manages to conclude that there exists a link between the distinct time slots but fails to deduce the exact connection. Meanwhile, Kang’s fellow community members begin suspecting his newfound talent and wealth. Nothing against him is established yet as he is yet to address the speculations.

In the previous chapter, Cobi and Corgi introduced Seo Tae Kyung, the Lotus Gangbuk branch leader. He protected Kang against the werewolf and essentially portrayed himself as a saviour. Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 will elaborate on Kang and Seo’s interconnection and the latter’s intentions.

Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Hoarding in Hell Manga About?

It is an Isekai manhwa centred around a low-ranking excavator who is bestowed with the ability to time travel.

2. Who is the Author of Hoarding in Hell Manga?

Corgi Bear and Cobi are the authors of this Isekai manga.

3. Is the Hoarding in Hell Manga Adapted From a Novel?

No, Hoarding in Hell is not adapted from a novel.

4. Is the Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, the Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 release date has been confirmed by the authors.

5. When Will Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 Release?

It is scheduled to be released on October 16, 2023.

6. Where To Read Hoarding in Hell Chapter 50 Online?

You can read Hoarding in Hell on the Kakao Page and Tapas platforms.

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