10 Best Volleyball Anime: Have You Watched Them All?

Among all the categories in the world, sports anime is the most thrilling one to exist. Even if you are not a great fan of anime, you must have heard some of their names. Since we are talking about sports here, have you heard about Blue Lock? It’s one of the most popular sports animes out there which tells a tale of a legendary football program.

A lot of you probably know about Blue Lock after Japan’s success in the Fifa World Cup. But today, we will talk about the 10 Best Volleyball Anime. You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of animes that center around the sport. Some of them have grown tremendously successful. And a lot of them are favorites of the fans as well as different anime communities across social media platforms.

10 Best Volleyball Anime: Recommendations From An Otaku

You might have read about lists of Football animes or mangas that tell you about the most popular or best football animes. Today, we will tell you about a total of 10 animes that depict Volleyball in the best possible way. So without waiting anymore, let us start with our article today. If you are here to know about Volleyball anime, please keep reading this article below. We will try our best to recommend the 10 best or greatest Volleyball animes.

1. Haikyuu!!

No matter what anyone tells you, according to me, Haikyuu!! will always remain as the numero uno in the list of Volleyball animes out there. The story revolves around the story of Hinata and Kageyama. Hinata is an amateur volleyball player who started to play volleyball just out of passion. After he joins his school team, they start to do well in the matches. But soon, they face a massive defeat at the hands of their opponent team. Kageyama was one of the best players from that opponent squad. Soon, Hinata joins the Volleyball team of Karasuno High School where he finds Kageyama – they were arch rivals but now, they must play as teammates. Both of them have their own sets of pros and cons but ultimately, the duo starts to take the volleyball court by storm.

2. Attacker You

This is one of those vintage animes that many of the new otakus are probably yet to watch. Attacker You features an inspiring story of a 13-year-old school student. You Hazuki is the female lead of our story – she is a talented player in her school and she aims to score well for her country in the Seoul Olympics (1988). You Hazuki soon became a volleyball player in her school team – this marked the first step towards achieving her dreams. Gradually, she emerges as the best player from her school but this is not everything that Hazuki needs. The path to success might seem glorious but it’s not a bed of roses. She is not economically sound, her family is going through issues and all these factors are standing between Hazuki and her Seoul Dream. Will she be able to succeed?

3. Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal E No Michi

Just like we have a set of players in Blue Lock, a team, or a group who wants to succeed, Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal E No Michi has a similar group of teens. These people are toiling hard to make a name out of the sport they are trying to excel. Now, if you are a dreamer, you have to be a believer. Otherwise when in real life, hurdles try to strike you down, unless you believe in yourself, you will not be able to succeed. The group of teens wants to become the best-in-class Volleyball players in the world. But in order to be there, they must act towards their dream. Soon, they start to face difficulties in life. They include pressure from parents or different problems that teenagers face during their growth.

4. Harukana Receive

This is one of the most recent animes about Volleyball. The plot revolves around Kanata Higa and Haruka Oozora. Kanata had some knowledge of playing Volleyball but Haruka was absolutely new to the sport. She had never ever touched the ball before. One day, when Kanata and Haruka were roaming on the beach, they noticed some teenagers playing volleyball on the beach. She gets interested quickly and decides to try her luck at the game. But soon, when Kanata comes to play, one of the opponent girls starts to play aggressively. As a result, Haruki loses the game badly, and afterward, she gets to know about the issues between Kanata and this girl, who was her ex-teammate. Haruki starts to help Kanata gain some confidence despite her being short-sighted. Soon, the duo started to prepare themselves for participating in the competition together as a team.

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5. Shoujo Fight: Norainu Tachi No Odekake

You have heard about short films, or have even watched one or two, haven’t you? But have you heard about any short anime? That too, just half an hour long? Well, Shoujo Fight: Norainu Tachi No Odekake presents a 30-minute-long experience of Volleyball anime. It is one of the most popular Volleyball animes out there. The story revolves around a high school girl who is trying to ace her volleyball career. Neri Ooishi is our female lead and I must say, she is an immensely talented Volleyball player. Neri is the captain of her school volleyball team – under her captaincy, the school team participated in the National Games and won great praise. But as the story rolls forward, Neri appears less pleased with her bright future. Somewhere that passion for volleyball seems to be lost. Will she be able to get back on track?

6. Ashita E Atakku

This is one of the best vintage animes about Volleyball out there. The creators developed this anime in honor of the Women Volleyball Team of Japan. They earned the top position at the Olympic Games of 1976 – Japan won a gold medal at the event. Ashita E Atakku revolves around the life of Mimi Hijiiri – her life comes to a remarkable turn after an accident happens. A member of her school volleyball team faces an untimely demise due to some reason. Soon, Hijiiri and her teammates started to work together for the betterment of the school volleyball team’s performance. Together, all of them are praying and working forward to take their team to the Volleyball League Championship. To know if they achieved the top title or not, you have to watch the anime.

7. 2.43 Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley Bu

When personal life and professional life start to clash, it gets hard in the end to maintain both of them together. Especially when you have to compete against one of your best friends, it is really tough. 2.43 Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley Bu features the story of Kimichika Haijima and Yuni Kuroba. Kimichika and Yuni are childhood friends – after Kimichika returns to his abode, he meets Yuni. Soon the duo starts to go to school and joins the Volleyball Team. Yuni is a talented player and as days pass, he emerges as a top Volleyball player at Monshiro Middle School. But when Yuni tried to play as a team, the group failed to win and this enraged Kimichika. It started to crack their years-old solid friendship. Somehow, to make their hometown proud, the duo must stick together and work as a team to emerge as the Volleyball champions.

8. Kougyou Aika Volley Boys

Just like the one ranked at number 6, this is also one of the old vintage sports anime. But this one is pretty hilarious if you watch it. The anime is actually an adaptation of the Japanese Manga of the same title. Kougyou Aika Volley Boys revolves around the story of a couple of teenagers at a high school. Basically, the group of boys was having a hard time since they failed to figure out how to talk to girls. All of them are perverted teenagers who just want to interact with girls anyhow. So the boys devise a plan – they enlist themselves in the girls’ Volleyball Club. In this way, when girl students will arrive, they will get a chance to talk with them. Unfortunately in that exact same year, no girl came to join the team. The high school perverts had to reframe and create new plans after that.

9. Crimson Hero

This anime is probably one of the best Volleyball anime out there when it comes to framing inspiring stories. Crimson Hero shows us the life of Nobara Sumiyoshi. She is our female lead and throughout the whole plot, we see her growth and improvement in every field she decides to work on. Nobara started her schooling at the famous Crimson Field High – since she had a tremendous passion for her sport, Nobara enrolled in the Volleyball Team shortly after joining the school. Other girls start to see her as their enemy. In fact, her team members started to behave in a biased way with her. But Nobara Sumiyoshi is not here to give up. She starts to run in her journey to become an efficient Volleyball player no matter how big her rivals are. She manages to rise above all complex situations.

10. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

I know this might be one of your favorite animes but considering the power of narratives, the type of plot, and the characters, we have kept this one in number 10. Despite being a popular title for otakus out there, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii gets outshined by the other Volleyball animes. The story is about two people from two Volleyball teams – Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura. Hanako leads the female team while Tarou remains in charge of the male teammates. Despite being a junior, Hanako constantly finds new ways to harass Tarou. She strikes him personally when Tarou instructs his teammates to practice on the court instead of leaving that to the females. Tarou does not want anyone to know that he is an otaku, so he agrees to hand the court over. Gradually, the duo starts to grow a close bond that transforms into love in the end.

We have curated this list of 10 Best Volleyball Anime based on how we found them to be enjoyable. If you have not watched all of them, this is your chance to experience a set of unique animes that centers around the sport of Volleyball.

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