Is The Conference Based On True Story? Did The Killer Really Exist?

People are knee-deep in their work life or folks in general – everyone loves to explore new places. Sometimes it’s their office that takes employees on a tour outside the usual boring building. What if that trip turns into a grim horror story? The Conference presents us with a gory mystery.

The film here belongs to the slasher category. It’s a mystery thriller movie that revolves around a killer who goes around with his merciless display of crime. Since the film was released, it has managed to amass a huge amount of attention. Although this is not a pure horror, it has attracted the horror movie fans. Now, a lot of them want to know – is The Conference based on true story?

Is The Conference Based On True Story? Let’s Find Out

We have often seen documentaries about crimes that have made headlines on every platform. Recently, there have been some docu-series, too. Usually, these are about crimes like murder, horrific killers, psychopaths, and different other categories of criminal offenses. Yes, there are a lot of times when these movies or series are based on real-life experiences of people. Take a look at Dahmer for example. It’s a series that takes us back to the horrific time when Jeffrey Dahmer was carrying on his bloody murderous journey through the streets and alleys.

The Conference is a recently released horror cum crime thriller that deals with a crazy serial killer. Not only he does do his crimes in the most horrific manner, he does them in a strategic way. But this makes everyone who is there in the plot waiting for their untimely deaths. All this is happening around a simple hotel which is full of employees who came there for official purposes. When the film was released, initially we did not notice enough enthusiasm from the audience. But, as days passed, people have grown excited about this movie. A lot of the fans might also be interested – is The Conference based on true story?

If you were afraid after seeing this film, I have got good news for you. No. The statement that The Conference is based on true story is absolutely false. The movie is adapted from the book “The Konferensen” by Mats Strandberg. Although he works for the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, Mats Strandberg initially started his career as an author back in 2006. ‘The Konferensen’ is one of his most popular and successful novels out there. The Conference is based on this book. It is not based on any true story or true event.

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The Conference: The Serial Killer Who Dresses Like A Shopping Mall Mascot

The movie starts with a pretty normal kind of atmosphere. A new establishment, the Kolarängan Mall is waiting for inauguration. The office workers have arrived with their bosses and higher employees. This mall was a dream for everyone in the company, especially for Ingela and Jonas. They are leading the team of people who were handling the project. The whole team is just a few moments away from celebrating their achievement.  Jonas is the most enthusiastic of them all – it’s because he was leading the whole team who was behind the project.

Due to some discrepancies, the team had to take a different way of staying there. We see all the employees living inside a hotel – just before the big day arrives, every one of them is in a festive mood of celebration. One of them is Lina, whose leave was detained. She is not so excited about this. As everyone was busy, the head chef Karl lost his life in the hands of a mysterious man in the jungle. On the other hand, Lina was surprised. She starts to find her signature on papers she has not even seen before.

But she could not confront Ingela or Jonas. They kept turning down everything and just wanted to stay in festive mode. So Lina along with some others tries to sneak into Jonas’s abode. On the other hand, the killer keeps on killing people around. He finishes off almost every employee who was there in the hotel. The murderer strategically kept the bodies lying around the hotel. Dressed in the suit of Sotis, the mascot of Kolarängan Mall, he brutally kills people either using chainsaws or just cutting their throats with blades.

The Whole Team Behind The Movie And Official Watching Platform

This Swedish horror thriller comedy movie is directed by Patrik Eklund. Notable cast members of this movie include Adam Lundgren, Katia Winter, Christoffer Nordenrot, Amed Bozan, Eva Melander, Maria Sid, Jimmy Lindström, Lola Zackow, Martin Lagos and Cecilia Nilsson. 

The Conference premiered on 13th October 2023. This 1 hour 40 minutes long film is a wonderful mix of gore and horror. If you want to watch the film, please go to Netflix.

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