Is Chandu Champion Based On A True Story? More About The Kartik Aaryan Starrer

People who enroll in the military are real-life heroes, to be honest. They are loved and respected by every person from every field. But what if someone who is from the military but is an all-rounder in sports? Chandu Champion brings to us such a story.

The story revolves around a man from the army who never gave up on life. Even when he was on the verge of losing his physical abilities, he kept on pushing and succeeded in life. People were quick to spot such an inspiring movie after it was announced. Fans have liked Kartik Aaryan’s first look as Chandu Champion. Now, a lot of them want to know – is Chandu Champion based on a true story?

Is Chandu Champion Based On A True Story? Let’s Take A Look

Every year, a lot of movies are made across the world. Hollywood is famous for their contribution to the sports genre. Bollywood has started to be in the headlines with their contribution to the game. We have seen a number of films and web series that focus on the sports genre. Apart from these, Indian filmmakers have made movies on the Indian Army. Either they were based on real-life soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country. Or, a lot of them are based on how the army carried out their missions for protecting the country.

Chandu Champion is an upcoming movie that revolves around a man who was in the army. After getting some severe wounds from his battles, he lost all his mobility. He was completely out due to his physical disabilities. But that man never gave up on himself. He kept on living a life of honor and respect. Since this is an inspiring movie, after we saw Kartik Aaryan’s face in it, people started to gain interest. Apart from his fans, genuine movie watchers are talking about this film everywhere. Social media platforms have shared Kartik Aaryan’s first look. A lot of them are curious – is Chandu Champion based on a true story?

The man we see on screen, did he exist in real life? Let me tell you the real story behind the movie. Yes. Chandu Champion is based on a true story. It’s a biopic of Murlikant Rajaram Petkar. He was India’s first Paralympic gold medalist. After he was relieved from his military duties due to his injuries from the wars, Petkar did not accept his retirement. With so many difficulties in life, he competed in a series of state-level, national-level as well and international-level games to take India’s name to the next level. As a result, the people of India and the army gave him the nickname Chandu Champion.

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Story Of Chandu Champion: The Legendary Paralympic Braveheart

This movie is actually a biopic of Murlikant Rajaram Petkar. He is a retired army officer. Murlikant started his journey in the rural Mumbai. He was good in athletics from the very beginning of his career. Apart from the basic tactics as an athlete, Murlikant was a champion in boxing. He earned a good name after his excellence in sports. As he started to gain fame as an athlete, Murlidhar Petkar wanted to join the Indian Army and serve his nation. It is a dream for many people to dedicate their lives to their country and protect their motherland.

Murlikant started his journey in the Indian Forces as a Jawan. According to people in the Service Branch, Murlikant was a great name in the field of sports apart from his on-field tactical skills. Initially, when he joined the Army, he was a craftsman in the Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Corps (EME). As he started his service, Murlikant’s name started to flourish as someone fit enough to handle duties as well as sports simultaneously. But soon, his life suffered a major setback. In the Indo-Pak war of 1965, Murlikant’s body faced a huge number of bullets – he became physically disabled.

As days went away, Murlikant became crippled. Still, his indomitable spirit made him aim for a higher sky instead of sitting below his comfortable ceiling. He started to compete in various fields like table tennis, swimming, and other popular Paralympic sport categories. Surprisingly, Murlikant Petkar shined in almost all of those events. He won the gold medal for India in the Paralympics – Chandu was the first Champion to do so. The 37.33 seconds he secured as a Freestyle Swimmer is still a record that nobody has tried to break till now.

The Team Behind Chandu Champion: Cast And Crew

Director Kabir Khan is back with Sajid Nadiawala to present this film to us. As of now, I mean according to the reports, this film is going to be a huge success. Kartik Aaryan is set to shine as the main character of the movie, Murlidhar Petkar aka Chandu Champion. Other rumored cast members include Katrina Kaif, Bhuvan Arora, Shradhha Kapoor, and Adonis Kapsalis.

Chandu Champion is all set to hit the big screens on 14th July 2024 in India. To take a look at how Kartik will look in the film as Murlikant, you can take a look at his Instagram post.

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