Is Kalki 2898 AD Based On A True Story? Let’s Know The Truth Behind It!

The Indian film industry is famous for making films about the history and religions of India. Many a time we have seen films of religions, holy books, and histories of India, starring mega stars of Bollywood, and South India. Along with that, there has been a rule that all these historical and religious movies have broken all the records to date. So it is very exciting to let you all know that a new concept of Icnian epic films is releasing bringing a new era to films.

Yes, you heard that right. A new science fiction but Indian epic film, Kalki 2898 AD is soon going to hit the theatres of India. The cast of the film involves all super hit actors and actresses from Bollywood and the South Indian film industry. As for the introduction to the film, it gives you goosebumps and increases your excitement level. Think of the amount of excitement you will have when you come to know about the film more deeply. Excited, right? 

Don’t worry when we are here for you. Come let us delve deeper into this new release in the Indian film industry. Not only we will let you know bout the film’s storyline, cast, and release date. But also the most asked question is covered in the very next panel of this article. Let us see what it is. 

Is Kalki 2898 AD Based On A True Story?

with the announcement of the film’s poster and title, fans were super excited to know what is the film’s storyline. And to keep it secret the makers have yet not said anything much about the film, rather they have said that it’s an Indian epic film, comprising mega stars.

But the question does arise is it a true story? So the answer to the question is no, as it isn’t based on any real-life incident, else it is a mere science fiction Indian epic film as said, by the writers and producers of the film in one of their interviews and tweets while they announced the coming of the film. 

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Kalki Release Date

The 600 crores budget Indian film, made under the direction of Nag Ashwin, is a science fiction movie going to hit the theatres super soon. With the announcement of the coming up of the film, it was also made clear when is the film scheduled to be released. The release date for Kalki 2898 AD is scheduled for January 12, 2024. 

Premise Of Kalki

The Indian film Kalki 2898 AD by its title suggests a futuristic film. And if you are a person who is interested in Hindu gods and Hindu mythology then you must be aware of Kalki, Avtar of God Vinshnu, who is supposed to take rebirth on the Earth once the world is about to end and everything is turning into devilish no humanity and people eating each other.

This poor condition of the world will be because of the increasing number of devils, and according to our Hindu mythology, God Vishnu will return to the earth and kill the devils. Now this film Kalki is based on the same science fiction movie, which shows the future of the world. How the entire thing will change and we will be saved from God’s existence. The film shows the rebirth of God Vinshu and to killing of all devils from the plant.

Cast Of Kalki

The most epic Indian film soon to be released in theatres by Nag Ashwin has the best of best star cast involving the most popular actors and actresses from the Infin film industry. The main star cast of the film Kalki 2898 AD involves, our famous Bahubali, Prabhas leading the film. The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan joins him in the film from Bollywood, along with Kamal Hasan the best actor in the Tamil film industry.

The male leads follow these three well-known actors from our Indian film industry. Now films are always incomplete without actresses. And they involve everyone’s favorite, Deepika Padukone as the female lead, joining her is again a famous actress of Bollywood, Disha Patni. The other actors in recurring roles involve Saswata Chatterjje the famous Bengali actor, and Pasupathy, the critics Tamil actor. 

Where You Can Watch The Film

As of now, with the announcement of the film’s release Na Ashwin, Kalki’s director has announced the release of the film only in theatres, while the OTT platforms are not decided. So for this, the fans have to wait for some more time. 

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