Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 Release Date Unfolded! 

We are back with another blockbuster manhwa series. Overflowing with action, comedy, and drama, Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 is currently in discussion and we can’t wait to tell you more about this exciting manga series. A new week calls for another intriguing chapter, get ready to see the continuation of the tale as Kang Tae San is all set to explore more of the labyrinth. This is his fight to restore peace on Earth. The time has come when we see the end of monsters! 

As humans are stuck within the labyrinth, the monsters have multiplied in numbers but little do they know that a brave warrior is coming to help them all. This story begins with the very brave, bold, and smart Kang Tae San. He might have selected the Easy level, but his unbeatable strength can even take care of the deadly monsters. So far, we have only read the first few chapters of this captivating manga series and now it’s time we get our hands on Chapter 37. 

Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 Release Date Unfolded! 

Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 Release Date Unfolded! 

Yet again, we are back with another enthralling manhwa, this time Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 is under our radar. The latest chapter from this manga series is just a few days away from us and we can’t wait to start the final countdown for this one. Kang Tae San is all set and ready to entertain us further with his brave and bold fighting skills! On one hand, he is growing up to be a valorous hero. While on the other hand, new enemies are all set to attack him from all the corners.

But before we tell you more about the spoilers, let us quickly reveal the release date to you all. Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 has been scheduled to premiere this week. Yes, you heard it right, for fans around the Central, Eastern, Indian, Philippines, Pacific, Singapore, and British time zones, Chapter 37 has been set to roll out on the 28th of September, 2023. While on the other side, for Japan, Australia, and Korea, the upcoming chapter will be premiering on the 29th of September, 2023. 

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Get A Quick Recap And Summary Of Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 36!

Previously in Chapter 36, we saw a more strong and mature version of Kang! With new challenges and levels approaching him, Kang Tae San is becoming even more smart and powerful. Currently, he is in Level 21 and so far, he has managed to get full points in the protective shield, stamina, and mana section. One can clearly say that Kang Tae San is presently in his best form. Surprisingly, his strength count was even greater than three hundred points! Not only that, but his agility was also over two hundred. 

The readers were quite intrigued to see that an adventurer from the 8th floor is able to defeat an enemy from the 20th floor, that too in his very first attempt. On the other hand, Oman’s area of interference had drastically come down! Because of his exceptional performance, Kang Tae San can now even get additional rewards. His stats are increasing incredibly and now it’s a matter of time to see who will be his next opponent! Meanwhile, the readers also saw how Oman offered him the Ring of Proof. But to everyone’s surprise, he simply refused the offer. 

Instead, Kang Tae San asked for the Strong Ankle Protector, which means now he has access to the secret room reward. As the story moves forward, Kang Tae San finally decides to grab his reward from the boss of the 8th floor. Thus, the readers come across Marcanda Rutia. As he hands over the Rune of Marneus to Kang, we also get a chance to learn quite a bit about his newly achieved power. The chapter ends with him storing his rewards into the inventory and now fans are looking forward to Chapter 37. 

Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 Spoilers Alert!

More challenges and rewards are set to appear in front of our brave protagonist. Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 might focus more on The Touch of Exploitation! As he defeats another enemy, some of his power will again be absorbed. Again, as per various online sources, we might also learn a bit about Kang Tae San’s upcoming reward, which might be the Secret Identification Reward! Well, a lot is about to happen in Chapter 37 and we can’t wait to dig deep into the rising journey of Kang Tae San. That’s all for now, to learn more about other compelling manhwa stories, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 Release Date Unfolded! – FAQs

1. Did Kang Tae San reject Oman’s offer?

Yes, Kang Tae San did reject Oman’s offer. 

2. Did Kang Tae San receive the reward of Rune of Marneus?

Yes, in Chapter 36, Kang Tae San was successful in achieving the reward of Rune of Marneus. 

3. What is Kang Tae San’s present level?

Currently, Kang Tae San is stuck in Level 21. 

4. Did Kang Tae San win his last battle?

Yes, Kang Tae San had won his last battle. 

5. Is Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 releasing this week?

Yes, Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 will be released this week. 

6. When will Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 roll out?

As per the schedule revealed, Leveling Up With Skills Chapter 37 has been set to premiere on the 28th and 29th of September 2023. 

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