Jinx Chapter 35: Release Date, Storyline, Recap And Expectations!

The genre of Boys Love is quite popular among the otakus and the drama watchers. This popular genre has mostly emerged from the East Asian countries. The manhwa that we are going to discuss today is a part of this genre. You have probably heard about the recent boys love manhwa titled Jinx. Jinx is having an interesting storyline that you are going to like if you are a fan of the genre of boys love. In today’s piece of information, we are going to know about Jinx Chapter 35 release date, the storyline of the manhwa, the recap of the previous chapter and some spoilers. If this journey interests you, you must continue reading this article.

Jinx Chapter 35: Release Date And More Information!

Jinx has received 34 chapters so far. The manhwa released its 34th chapter on 22nd September 2023. This means that we are going to receive the next chapter of the manhwa soon. The number of chapters of the manhwa attest the fact that Jinx is a fairly recent piece of entertainment. This was already mentioned in the introduction. The release date of the upcoming chapter has been not clearly announced by the creators. We are expecting that Jinx Chapter 35 will be released on 2nd October 2023. Chapter 35 will probably be released at 12 P.M. Korean Standard Time (KST). This means that the chapter will probably be released on 2nd October in the other parts of the world as well.

Will Jinx have more chapters? Since Jinx is a fairly recent manhwa, we do not think that the creators are going to abandon the manhwa midway. They already took a small hiatus in the month of August. We do not think that they are going to go on another hiatus any more. Therefore, we are sure of the fact that Jinx is going to keep on receiving more chapters. The manhwa is not going to come to an end abruptly.

Do you think some creators will adapt Jinx into a Korean drama? As of now, the creators of Jinx are not sure about this fact. They have not decided anything in regards to this matter. If they were planning to adapt the manhwa, they would have done it at the beginning. But, since they have not decided anything on this matter yet, we do not think that Jinx is going to receive a Korean drama adaptation.

Jinx Storyline

The storyline of Jinx revolves around a therapist named Kim Dan. Kim Dan was living a hard life. He was not living a good life at all. His ill grandmother was his concern, he had no money, but one day one man appeared who changed his life. Kim Dan never thought that someone would be hire him as the physical therapist.

Joo Jaekyung is a famous MMA fighter. But somehow his destiny holds a “jinx” for him. He requires the help of Kim Dan who will break this jinx. Jaekyung wants to “spend a night” with Kim Dan so that the jinx can be lifted. Kim Dan has been offered five thousand dollars in return of his favour to Joo Jaekyung. Since he is in dire requirement of the money, Kim Dan cannot turn down the offer. Thus, here starts the journey of Kim Dan and Joo Jaekyung. Kim Dan soon becomes the possession of Joo Jaekyung.

Jinx Chapter 34: Rewind

Jinx Chapter 34 was pretty intense if you ask me. At the beginning of the chapter, Kim Dan gives Choi Heesung a back massage that he enjoys a lot. While he is enjoying the massage he thinks about Joo Jaekyung and Kim Dan’s relationship. Later, he enters the sauna after the massage fulfills his needs. He comes across Joo Jaekyung inside the sauna. Heesung directly asks Jaekyung about his relationship with Kim Dan.

Joo Jaekyung does not give any concrete answer to him. After working out at the gym, Joo Jaekyung invites Choi Heesung to witness what kind of relationship he shares with Kim Dan. Joo Jaekyung and Kim Dan are engaged an intense sexual activity in the house. Choi Heesung enters the room and gets terrible shocked.

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Jinx Chapter 35: Expectations And Spoilers

The spoilers of Chapter 35 have not released yet. However, we can expect a point of view from Choi Heesung in the next chapter. Now that Choi Heesung knows about the relationship that Joo Jaekyung and Kim Dan shares, he will decide against dating Kim Dan.

Jinx Reading Platfrom

You can read the manhwa Jinx on the internet. If you want to read Jinx in Korean, you can read it on Lezhin. If you want to read the manhwa in English, you can click here.

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