Has The Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release Date Received Confirmation?

Trudging along the fine line between lighthearted comedy and dark fantasy, Bad Ending Maker tries to explore multiple genres at once. Penned by Oilgu and Ryu Eun Garam, the manga delves into the life of a game developer and portrays his betrayal-encrusted journey. Though the manga is still in its early stages, it has succeeded in delivering a gripping, high-octane drama. Addressing the decades-long debate about the crisis inflicted by artificial intelligence, the manga’s brazen approach has amassed thousands of fans for itself.

Now these fanatics are left wondering whether the Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 release date has been confirmed. If you, too, are curious to know more about this upcoming iteration, here is your chance to get your hands on the latest updates!

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release Date

Oilgu and Eun Garam collaborated with Shim Jae Yeong to conjure Bad Ending Maker. They began serializing the manga in early June 2023 and have been maintaining a consistent schedule ever since. The manga is currently licensed by Naver Series and is yet to be published in the English language. Though speculations cite that the creators are working on releasing the translated chapters, nothing has been officialized yet except the release date of the upcoming chapter, it seems.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 has been scheduled to be released on September 30, 2023. It will be available in the Korean language on the Naver Series and Naver Webtoon platform. However, the chapter wouldn’t be available in the English translation. Though some websites offer the dubbed versions, only a few chapters have been released so far. With the nuanced pace the translation process has been following, it seems like this upcoming chapter would take a while to be available in the English translation.

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Bad Ending Maker Manga Overview

Mincheol has been an avid gamer since childhood and grew up to pursue his passion of becoming a well-acclaimed developer. He went on to construct a virtual reality with the aid of generative AI and provide the users with an immersive experience. His game, Wings Online, became an instant success, amassing millions of users and billions in revenue. Mincheol then began dominating the corporate sector, with everyone hailing him as a genius mastermind. 

However, his life is soon altered when a power shift in the company renders Mincheol’s career in jeopardy. According to the new CEO, Wings Online wouldn’t be a free-for-all game. Instead, it would be a subscription-based application that would multiply the revenue tenfold. Since Mincheol disagrees with transforming his passion project into a money-making machine, he soon finds himself in conflict with upper management.

“Please write your resignation, Mr. Mincheol,” orders his senior. But he disagrees to abandon Wings and decides to persuade the management. However, his efforts are proven futile when a sudden glitch in the game destroys multiple lives, raising havoc in its wake. Mincheol is considered to be the culprit and is immediately fired, leaving him simmering with blind rage.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Plot

After witnessing multiple people lose their lives due to a bug instilled in the game by his seniors, Mincheol is as devastated as angry. However, he is unable to prove his innocence or exert vengeance against the people who ruined his entire career. When all hope seems lost, Mincheol deduces that despite not being a member of the development team anymore, he possesses a secret account he could use to infiltrate the game. 

Here ensues a cat-and-mouse chase between Mincheol and his ex-colleagues, in which the former is undoubtedly a step ahead. Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 and beyond will witness Mincheol fulfilling his promise of proving what “a bad ending is” to everyone who stands against him.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Bad Ending Maker Manga About?

The Shonen manga follows a game developer, Mincheol, who has been betrayed by his colleagues. It chronicles Mincheol’s tale of exerting vengeance and seeking justice.

2. Who Is The Author Of The Bad Ending Maker?

The manga is written by Oilgu and Ryu Eun Garam.

3. Is Bad Ending Maker Adapted From A Novel?

No, Bad Ending Maker isn’t adapted from a novel.

4. Is The Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release?

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 will be available on September 30, 2023.

6. Where To Read Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Online?

You can read the manga online on Naver Series and Webtoon.

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