Freestyle 2 Release Date Revealed? Is The Polish Movie Coming Back With Part 2? 

Directed by Maciej Bochniak, yet again, a compelling crime thriller has premiered on Netflix and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. The complicated storyline of Freestyle begins with a young rapper named Diego! After facing a lot of hardship, rejection, and struggle, finally he could see a ray of hope in his life! This talented artist was ultimately experiencing the high of limelight! But as he managed to rise as a popstar, an old enemy of his reappeared in his life and this is where the movie gears up. 

Brimming with suspense, mystery, crime, and revenge, this Polish movie has somehow managed to survive in the entertainment industry. The movie has got low to mediocre ratings out there, but we do think the movie has a good potential of getting popular soon. That’s not all, but a few of the audience are also expecting to see the second part of this film. Thus, on popular demand, here is everything you need to know about Freestyle 2.

Freestyle 2 Release Date Revealed? Is The Polish Movie Coming Back With Part 2? 

Freestyle 2 Release Date Revealed? Is The Polish Movie Coming Back With Part 2? 

First things first, the ending of Freestyle Part 1 was a bit confusing for many out there! Moreover, we have also got a few loose ends left in this film. That’s not all but, some of the audience do think that the storyline was rushed to a large extent. As of now, Netflix hasn’t uttered anything about Freestyle 2. The Polish film is yet to be renewed for part 2 and we still haven’t heard much from the production house.

Speaking only of the mixed reviews and poor ratings, Netflix will surely think twice before showing the green flag to Freestyle 2. But anything and everything is possible here, you never know maybe the creators will come up with a more refined storyline! Well, if we go by this particular thought, then Freestyle 2 does hold a chance to be released. But again, as per our estimates, Freestyle 2 is surely not rolling out before 2-3 years! Thus if the creators decide to continue the storyline, then Part 2 might premiere around late 2025 or 2026. 

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Freestyle Ending Explained – Did Diego Kill The Slovak? 

As Diego gets the location of Flour and Kira, he goes ahead with the next step of his plan! No matter what happens, he must reach the underground casino. He was indeed lucky enough to swipe off the money again. But as the team heads up to exit, a mysterious van guards their way. This brings us down to the Slovak, who will do everything possible to get his long-term revenge. As he plans to kill them, the final twist appears in the movie. We see Miki and Diego inside the scrapyard, but little do they know that Flour has now decided to help them. It seems like he regrets his past deeds and now he has a sound plan to save Diego’s life.

As things go out of control, a ruckus breaks out in the scrapyard. Ultimately, Diego and Miki managed to survive but in the process of saving his beloved, Diego had to kill the Slovak. Terrified to see blood gushing out of the dead body, Diego, Flour, and Miki thought of leaving the place as soon as possible. But as they decide to escape, the phone ring halts the whole situation. As Diego picks up the call, he gets to know that his father Zibi was the main man behind the killing of Jacek and the car dealership. The Brothers also informed him that Zibi was actually not doing anything for his son, but for himself. The movie ended with Diego winning over his past trauma, luckily both the bag of money and the hard drive were with him and now he can finally revert to his main dream! 

Freestyle 2 Spoilers And More! 

Freestyle 2 Release Date Revealed? Is The Polish Movie Coming Back With Part 2? 

The movie has concluded but there are still a few loopholes left in the story. If Freestyle 2 happens, then the main focus will remain on Diego’s father, Zibi. Again, Diego managed to get the hard drive, but in return, he killed the Slovak, this will surely become a major problem for him. As per various fan-based theories, there is a possibility that Diego will again get involved in the underworld! Moreover, you never know, maybe the creators will again focus on his drug addiction habits. Hopefully, in the future, we will learn more about Freestyle 2. Well, that’s all from our end, to get more such updates about newly released movies and web series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Freestyle 2 Release Date Revealed? Is The Polish Movie Coming Back With Part 2? – FAQs

1. Was Diego able to save Miki and Flour?

Thankfully, Diego was able to save the life of Miki and Flour.

2. Did the team manage to get back the hard drive? 

Yes, the team did manage to get back the hard drive. 

3. Who killed the Slovak?

Unfortunately, the Slovak was killed by Diego. 

4. Did Zibi kill Jacek?

Yes, Diego’s father, Zibi happens to be the murderer of Jacek. 

5. Has Netflix shown the green flag to Freestyle 2?

As of now, Netflix has not shown any green signal to Freestyle 2. 

6. When will Freestyle 2 premiere on Netflix?

As per our estimates, Freestyle 2 might get a release date for late 2025 or 2026. 

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