Universe’s Strongest First Love Chapter 17 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers & Everything You Must Know!

Mangas are always about the fights battles and wars, and sometimes they include romantic and fantasy tales. Very few manga novels do release and rule the hearts of readers including the terrestrial things like aliens and space tours. But what if we say, the novel we will be discussing today in this article has relativity 

significance to not only fantasy, romance, and love relationships but also with aliens and space? Yes, you heard it right, the new release of the manga, Universe’s Strongest First Love, that we will be discussing today is a blend of all the attractive and surprising elements.

So today we are setting on a journey or say an adventure of space. We will be seeing the love relationship developing between our male and female lead. Also, the grief, sorrow, love, and friendship they share are shown in the novel. along with the release date of its new upcoming chapter, some quick spoilers and a recap of the previously released chapters will be seen in this novel.

So are you excited? Let us then move ahead to the article’s next panel, before your excitement and craziness for the new series, vanishes. So fasten your seatbelts as we are all set to board on a journey of space, love, and romance, with added spices of surprise and excitement. 

Universe’s Strongest First Love Chapter 17 Release Date

Well, the good news is waiting for the manga fans for so long time. the good news is that the makers of the novel, Universe’s Strongest First Love have made the release dates of its new chapter no. 17 official. It is going to be released both in their raw as well in the English language. 

The new chapter 17 of the manga, Universe’s Strongest First Love will be released next week on Saturday, 30th September 2023, the month end. Though the month ends the series continues with its amazing chapters releasing ahead. The series will be released on Naver and Webtoon, in raw and translated format respectively. 

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Recap Of The Series

The manga, Universe’s Strongest First Love revolves around the female lead, Wooju, and the male lead, Huimun. The series begins with a girl playing in the mountains where she encounters a good alien. She had an interest in space and aliens from that time but remained silent about her passion for studying aliens because she felt she would look like a fool. but fate has some different plans for Wooju.

Soon six years she met with an alien, she found that a club was being formed for students like her where they could study and know more about space and aliens. now here’s a twist waiting for both readers and wooju. The twist is not only the readers and Wooju, will learn about aliens but also a cute love relationship between Wooju and our male lead, Huimun will be established very soon, which will take the story in another direction. 

Both readers and Wooju are unaware of the next happening in the series, which is super exciting and thrilling. This is a fun reading for our readers. now the question is, What will be the relation between the two? Will they love each other? Or it’s just a plan? Well, before moving further, let me give you a spoiler, our male lead isn’t a normal boy. But he is the head of the space club and also a mysterious boy, about whom no one knows. 

Expected Story Of Chapter 17

Spoiler to chapter 17 can be given only when we know what has happened in the last chapter 16. So let’s see. In the previous chapter no. 16, we saw, Huimun and Wujooo trying to focus on their midterm exams approaching soon. but something is distracting them, and that’s the reason why, they both sometimes watch movies or play outside in the mall, or Wujoo is seen watching Huimun sleeping calmly.

The last chapter ends with a cliffhanger, Huimun is going to confess something to Wujoo but after the midterm exams, Wujoo feels strange to look at his face full of worry. Further, we see Wujoo getting ready for her father’s last rites as he was found dead. Also, Huimun tells her he will visit home after the exam, and Woujoo feels life is hard for both of them. In the next chapter one thing is sure Huimun’s confession and their love story moving ahead. 

Where You Can Read It

Universe’s Strongest First Love Chapter 17 will be available in raw format on Naver and in English-translated format on Webtoons

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