Do Gubbare Season 2. Is the Series Renewed Or Cancelled? Let’s Know!

Grandparents are always the love of families. As they stand firmly protecting their kids to grandkids, similar is their love increases from kids to grandkids. All of us who have spent our childhoods with our grandparents are super lucky undoubtedly, but the ones among us who never spent our lives with them, are unfortunate. But, they live in the happiness of listening to stories by the other ones or watching their relationship in films and web series.

Here’s to Jio Cinema’s original release, which showcases his love for two generations, the relation between a grandchild and a grandparent. But unexpectedly, this isn’t the story of the relation of blood, but the relation of hearts. Yes, you heard it right, the relationship shown is not that of a real grandchild and his grandfather, but a boy 20+ years old, migrating to a different city and among the strangers finds a grandparent-like man, some 60+ years old.

As the introduction excites you, the article after reading till the end, will excite you even more to go and watch the series, if not watched it yet. And if you are already done watching its first season, then this article holds a special place for you. As we will be sharing some news about the release date of the second season and some spoilers too. So why wait, let’s move ahead!

Do Gubbare Season 2. When Is It Coming?

Well, after the huge success of season 1 of Jio Cinema’s original, Do Gubbare, and just after two days after its release, people demand for new season super soon. The first season of the series was released on 20th September 2023 and just after watching it most of the fans demanded for its second season.

So, for now, the series has not yet been renewed, and there is no official announcement regarding the release of the series second season. But we feel, the series will be renewed for sure, and also it will be released by the beginning or mid of the year 2024. So you need t sill to wait for the release of the second season. But once something is official we will be adding it here in our articles.

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Previously In The Series

Do Gubbare, very clearly shows the loving and uniquely made bonds between a young boy and an old man. The story will definitely touch your heart and your soul as you watch it for free on Jio Cinema. the series revolves around a boy named Rohit, who is migrating from his hometown, Indore to a new town Pune, in search of a job.

He felt Pune would never be loved by him as Indore, and he would never find a friend or some family there. But, he was wrong. the house in Pune, where he decided to be a paying guest, was the house of Ajoba, an elder man who lived alone. His wife died a few years back and his daughter married in another town. He lived alone in the house. He always waited for a good paying guest, with whom he could be happy and never feel alone. This time he found one.

Rohit was in search of some love and happiness, as he had left home, and Ajoba was searching for happiness in some stranger. And they both got their ones. soon, Rohit and Ajoba built a friend-like bond, where they used to roam about in the city, have meals together, and most importantly, Ajoba became Rohit’s unpaid therapist, whenever in help Ajoba used to calm Rohit and give him life lessons.

Cast Of The Series

Do Dubbare, starred, Siddharth Shw as Rohit, and Mohan Agashe as Ajoba, who are our male leads. Alongside, we have Hemangi Kavi, Malhaar Rathod, and Manasi Parekh. With a small group of cast and crew, Varun Narvekar, the director and Co-writer has very cleverly, made this amazing Hindi drama show, which melts the hearts of audiences of all ages.  

Along with the led actors, it was the hard work of supporting actors who made the characters of the series look so real and made it a must-watch series, for the Indian show fans. Audiences are in demand of the same crew in all the new upcoming seasons for sure. 

Where Is The Series Available

Do Gubbare is streaming for free on Jio Cinema from September 20, 2023. So the fans can watch it here for free.

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