Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 136: Release Date. Is The New Chapter Release Confirmed? Let’s See!

Yeonwoo’s Innocence is a unique comedy-drama, that involves the friendship and love relationship of the school kids. The manga is a unique tale which by its earlier chapters has very cleverly held the hearts of readers from different parts of the world. Not only are the readers excited to read new chapters of the series, but they even wait for it very eagerly. Now with the great release of the series, 100+ chapters, fans want the new chapters to be released super soon.

And here’s to the new chapters’ details. Yes, you must excited to know more about the new chapters’ release date, spoilers, and everything. Don’t worry then, as we are back with our new and fresh article this week, to let you know all about the release date of its new chapter, along with some quick spoilers and also the recap of its previous stories, so that you can link up with the new one as well.

So if you are equally excited and interested as we are, let us set on this amazing journey and know who is our protagonist, and what is the story behind the series. So let us proceed with the really amazing series in this interesting article. Should we?

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 136 Release Date

Yes, before moving ahead with the series’ storyline and recapping previous chapters of the series, let us tell you when its new chapter 136 is coming on your screens. Well, it’s good news to the series fans, as the new chapter is approaching you super soon, and is ready to be released on September 25, 2023, that is on Monday next week. 

Feeling excited? Yes, then let’s move to the next panel to know what is going to happen in the next chapter of the series and relate it to old chapters as well.

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Previously In The Series

The series Yeonwoo’s Innocence revolves around the protagonist of the series, Yeonwoo, a fragile, dumb, and weak boy of two grades, who has always been a weak and silent boy in school but falls in love with a smart and beautiful girl in school. It was the love-at-first-sight scene for Yeonwoo, when he saw his heroine, and our female lead, Kang Haesol, on his way to the auditorium, he saw her and was madly in love with her.

The twist is that he never had the courage to talk to her and this is the main twist. He and Kang shared the same class in second grade, but then as she was always surrounded by many other children, Yeonwoo never talked to her but was happy seeing her all the time. Now, he is weak and innocent and is always targeted by the strong boys of the school. 

Once in a competition, Yeonwoo played the role of a female, and the boys got the chance to bully him and make him feel low. Not only this but they even locked him in the female’s washroom. things were quite embarrassing for Yeownoo. He had his friends, with whom he could have shared, but the fear never let him speak and now he was more and more isolated. How will our hero manage in the school? is the biggest question that fears all the readers. 

So, wait he has his elder brother from another mother at his rescue. Yes, Junhyuk, Yeonwoo’s senior at school, who always wished to have a younger brother, now sees his brother in Yeonwoo, as he is weak, and decides to care for him and save him from all the obstacles. Junyhuk is a strong boy in the school, who always shares a unique bond with Yeonwoo, but again there’s a question, that though he is potecting Yeownwoo. But till what age e can protect him? Will he always be there for him?

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 136

Well, the answer to all your questions is in the new upcoming chapters. Also, many more things will be there in the chapter, as we saw in chapter 135, Junyhuk is now frustrated with protecting Yeonwoo, because he has to cancel his all plans to be with Yeonwoo. He is a senior and because of Yeonwoo’s roles in some plays, he has to get ashamed of himself in front of his classmates. This is getting disgusting for Jinyhuk. 

Now, this is the time, when Jinyhuk’s love for Yeownoo will be tested and we will know, whether or now he will be the protector of Ywonwoo and everything else will be disclosed in the upcoming part of the series. Just wait for it and save your energy reading it. 

Where You Can Read It

Yeonwoo’s Innocence, this manga is available on their official website, Naver Comic, for the readers. 

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