Is Dahaad (Roar) Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Storyline! 

Released a few months ago, the mystery thriller ‘Dahaad’ (Roar) is again in talks. Brimming with suspense, crime, and spine-chilling drama, ‘Dahaad’ happens to be one of the most captivating Indian web series presented on Amazon Prime Video. Created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, the audience has undoubtedly responded well to this web series! Speaking of the compelling plotline, whether it was the character of Anjali Bhaati or Anand Swarnakar, the production team has surely worked day and night to give us the best possible outcome. 

The series also throws light on some of the crucial issues faced by the backward class! Recently, we have also heard that the series was showcased at the Berlin International Film Festival, which is definitely a huge deal for the Indian entertainment industry. Speaking on this foot, it seems like the eye-catching storyline of the series is not just based on some creative minds. There are chances the web series is inspired by true crime reports!

Is Dahaad (Roar) Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Storyline! 

Is Dahaad (Roar) Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Storyline! 

As per the information collected by us, there is a possibility that ‘Dahaad’ was partially inspired by true crime records. The thrilling script was originally penned by a team of 8. Including Zoya Akhtar, Sumit Arora, Reema Kagti, Mansi Jain, Karan Shah, Ritesh Shah, Chaitanya Chopra, and Sunayana Kumari, Dahaad (Roar) not only presented a satisfying crime mystery to us but also forced us to think further about the plotline. 

The series mainly focuses on sub-inspector Anjali Bhaati’s search for a deadly serial killer. This brings us down to Anand Swarnakar who appears to be a normal human being, working as a professor of Hindi at a mediocre women’s college. But the fox knows how to fool others, slowly and steadily, it is revealed that Anand Swarnakar is not a decent man. But catching him is not going to be an easy task for the sub-inspector. On one hand, the serial killer is murdering women inside of a restroom. 

While on the other side, the police are on a mad ride to chase the exact identity of this man! Interestingly enough, the character of this serial killer might be inspired by Mohan Kumar Vivekanand! His crime records caught our attention recently and we just couldn’t ignore the similarities we located in this case. But again, we cannot conclude anything with surety, the production team has yet not addressed the various rumors around the mystery thriller! 

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Similarities Found Between Anand Swarnakar And Mohan Kumar Vivekanand! 

Is Dahaad (Roar) Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Storyline! 

Mohan Kumar Vivekanand is known to be a deadly criminal of Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka. Charged for around 20 murders, for almost 6 years, the police couldn’t catch this mad monster. He is also infamously known to be Cyanide Mohan and thus we come across his killing technique. As portrayed in the series, Mohan too used cyanide pills to kill these bachelor women. In ‘Dahaad’ (Roar), we see how Anand used his charming skills to allure innocent females. Well, guess what, Mohan bears a similar trait! 

With giving them a promise of marriage, only to establish a physical relationship, there was hardly anyone who could have doubted his intention. It was a three-way game for him, make them fall in love, kill them, and then run away with their money. It was highly shocking for all of us when his whole mentality and murder plan were revealed to us. It was further revealed that he used to observe his victims for almost 2 months. Since most belonged to the lower caste system, it was very easy for him to brainwash them. 

Mohan planned everything strategically, after all, who would not agree to marry without giving a dowry? These innocent girls will agree to run away with him and then stay in a hotel room. On the day of marriage, Mohan would advise each one to take a false contraceptive pill which originally had cyanide in it and that’s how they were all killed. From one to too many, he didn’t panic even once after killing someone. All this psychotic behavior was seen within the character of Anand as well and that’s why there is a high chance that his characterization was inspired by Mohan Kumar Vivekanand! 

Is Dahaad (Roar) Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into The Storyline! – FAQs

1. Is Dahaad (Roar) based on a true crime record? 

There is a possibility that Dahaad (Roar) is based on a true crime record. 

2. Is the character of Anand Swarnakar based on Mohan Kumar Vivekanand?

Comparing the two characters, you can say that the character of Anand Swarnakar was majorly inspired by Mohan Kumar Vivekanand. 

3. Was Dahaad (Roar) presented at the Berlin International Film Festival?

Yes, Dahaad (Roar) was presented at the Berlin International Film Festival. 

4. Was Mohan Kumar Vivekanand ultimately caught by the police?

Yes, Mohan Kumar Vivekanand was ultimately caught by the police.

5. Who played the iconic role of Anjali Bhaati in Dahaad?

The very talented and gorgeous Sonakshi Sinha had the opportunity to play the iconic role of Anjali Bhaati in Dahaad. 

6. Can you watch the whole thriller series,  Dahaad online? 

Yes, the whole thriller series, Dahaad (Roar) can be viewed on Amazon Prime.  

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