Becoming The Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife Chapter 11 Release Date

TappyToon is a platform where readers can find the best manga to read. Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-wife is one such manga series. Today we are going to talk about the Male Lead’s Ex-wife chapter 11 release date. Not only this, this article will contain spoilers and expectations of the chapter. The previous Chapter’s Recap is also one of the contents in the following article. Fans who are anxiously waiting for the next chapter should read this article.

Becoming The Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife Chapter 11 Release Date

Fans can now normalize their breath and relax as the next chapter’s release date has been confirmed. It is directly from the writers and publishers that the next chapter is going to be released. This release will take place on 20 September 2023. So those who are waiting to read and know what happens next in the story should visit TappyToon. All the chapters of this manga are available on this platform. New chapters will also be released on this platform.

Timings will vary as always according to the different zones. Fans who want to read this chapter should know the correct timing for their region. And those who read the English-translated version of the series should have to wait. It will take time for the translation team to translate the raw version of the chapter. This anticipated chapter is finally getting released so fans can get their hands on it very soon. Till now there is no confirmation on the story but some spoilers and expectations are there. To know about the spoilers read the article fully.

What Are The Expectations And Spoilers?

As there is no confirmation on the plotline of this chapter fans can expect things. However, there are some spoilers which are now spread all over the fans. This chapter will continue the story from the previous chapter. It will catch up from the end of the previous chapter. Other than this there is nothing to expect from this chapter. There is also a cliffhanger from the previous chapter which is Irwyne Liliath. People have now come to know about Irwyne which can make the plotline of this chapter. It can be the story in the next chapter as Irwyne has been introduced now.

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Becoming The Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife Chapter 10: What Happened In It?

At the start of this chapter, readers can see Irwyne becomes the first antagonist of “Pervin and Stella ”. This is a popular novel in which Irwyne has got a chance to become an antagonist from a minor character. Now, the story is set according to the original novel in which Pervin has no feelings for Irwyne. Prince is seen talking about the confusing behaviour of Irwyne. And the prince loves this side of her and always wants to keep it with him.

After hearing this, the princess starts wondering why the prince said this to her. Also, the prince wants to make her sing some songs which are just them. She thinks that he wants her on his side as he wants to be on her side for always. These things are not easy to digest for her and it’s really very difficult to trust them. It also becomes a matter of concern for the princess. This is because the prince is treating her as if he is her lover. In the novel, it was the opposite as he had no feelings for her. Instead of her, he was in love with the female protagonist. So now the princess starts thinking about why he is behaving this way when he doesn’t like her.

Further Information

Now the audience can be seen saying that the Duchess has captivated Duke Carlyne. This shows how touched he has become for her after he dedicated that song. It was a beautiful song which was liked by her and now he has been captured by her. Duke always maintained distance from any women. But now the audience is worried that the Duke is in love with the Duchess. It would be a matter of concern for all as Duke never gave a place to any woman in his life. In this chapter, Marchioness Calestine also comes up on the stage after watching the good performance of Carlyle. Pervin now grabs her hand and assures her that he will never leave her. This is the story so far till chapter 10. Now we will be knowing the story ahead after the next chapter is released.

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