Kingdom Chapter 770 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers Are Now Out. Read Now!

Kingdom is an old manga tale, running for years since 2006, and has already released 700+ chapters. The fans and love and support this manga holds, can be very clearly seen by its number of releases and the intensity of the release too. This manga is a completely old one with a unique style of storyline. In fact, the series is the old story of a young boy who’s now turned into a fighter.

This article is all about the series, which has been ruling the hearts of readers from all around the globe. The series is surely a masterpiece to hold its place tight in people’s hearts, though there is a huge variety of series now. Today we are super excited to let you know about this masterpiece. The thrill we feel is of the same amount, we feel. Well, you must be wondering what will be the sequence of discussion for this amazing series.

The sequence is followed the same. We will be disclosing to you the release date for its new upcoming chapters, and spoilers for the new chapters will be added. Not only this, but also a quick recap of its previous chapters and of course the most important thing, where you will be reading this series, is also mentioned. So, fasten your seat belts to sail on a journey of Kingdom.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 770 Release Date

Interesting and heartwarming news is here, for the fans of this masterpiece. Yes, yes yes! Your favorite long-run manga series, “Kingdom” is back with its new chapter 770. The release dates are made official and are soon going to be released on their official page. The release date for this masterpiece chapter 770 is on September 30, 2023, the series will be out on their official page, to take you into an adventurous world of battles and fighters. 

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Previously In The Series

In the earlier chapters of the manga, Kingdom, there were many new characters introduced to the readers. The main plot now is the recruitment of Hi Shin unit’s fighters to fight for him on the battlefield against their opponent. They are trying to make their team a strong one by recruiting new and young blood to make them feel stronger, braver, and excited to fight for their master.

We see Shin and Ten, sitting there discussing the choice of the fighters of their team. The three great and strong fighters were in front of Shin and Ten. One of them, Eit was quite nervous but at the same time, happy to meet Shin, personally. Shin was being explained about the three main fighters, out of which the two, Shitou, and Eito were fifty and ten-man commanders, respectively.

Ton Kaku, Kan To, and Shuu Gen were the other fighters present there who had come for the recruitment. But after listening to the abilities of these three main, fighter they were extremely shocked and doubted their own selves. But something unexpected happened when they found, that Mandou, an average skilled, and not even a good-looking soldier was recruited as the main fighter among all of them.

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 770

In the last chapter, 769 readers were excited to know more about the recruiters, and seeing Shin choosing an average soldier, takes the heart and attention of all the readers. The readers along with Mandou, the recruited soldier of Shin’s army stumbled and were shocked after they heard that the army left after the death of Duke Hyou, will also join SHin’s army.

The news was good but shocking too. Madou was expressing his love and gratitude toward Shin and how excited he was to join his army, but Ga Ro’s jealousy for Shin made him stay away from his army, and also not join Shin. Well, Shon and Ten were happy as the army of the Duke was joining them, and now they have turned into a more powerful army of fighters. In the new upcoming chapters, the readers will get to read the fighting scenes of these fighters and to see who is gonna win the battle.  

Where Is The Series Available 

Kingdom, along with its old and new chapters is available on their official chapter Young Jump.

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