I Regressed to Level Up Instead of Being a Simp Chapter 22 Release Date: Speculated Information On The Same!

Attention to all the readers out there! I Regressed to Level Up Instead of Being a Simp Chapter 22 can be expected to be released real soon! Tony, the artist behind this manhwa has been loved and appreciated for his incredible work. The plot along with the genres make it a perfect match to read. It acts as a solace from the tiring days. Fans have been eager to know whether the manhwa has been called off by the creators and publishers. There has been a talk around the town regarding it getting cancelled. Well, to all of our surprise, striking all the rumours away, the manhwa is all set to release for the next chapter. Extended on the same has been discussed here in this article. 

I Regressed to Level Up Instead of Being a Simp Chapter 22

Renowned as a hazy fusion of genres, I Regressed to Level Up Instead of Being a Simp has accumulated a huge lot of love and appreciation from the fans. Instead of such publicity and love, there have been rumours of it getting cancelled for the upcoming chapter. 

The last chapter of the manhwa was released on the 16th of September, 2023. Hence the release date of the next season has not yet been disclosed by the makers. However, this does not mean that the upcoming chapter is cancelled by the publishers.

Keeping in view the release of the previous chapters, we can make assumptions about the release of the next chapter as well. The next chapter can be expected to be by the 25th of September, 2023. However, this is just a speculation and there has been no official confirmation on the same.

I Regressed to Level Up Instead of Being a Simp: Overview

I Regressed to Level Up Instead of Being a Simp is the story of Han Li. Delving with the multiple genres of action, adventure, romance and drama, the manhwa has been known for its plot. Tony, the writer of the manhwa has been appreciated for his remarkable work.

I Regressed to Level Up Instead of Being a Simp revolves around the life of the protagonist, Han Li. He is one whom most of us would find extremely relatable. Don’t we all want to get a second chance in life? We will surely do it! All of us have regrets and wish for another chance to go back in time and repair the mistake. Well, the manhwa is the story of Han Li who fails on everything and asks for a second chance.

To our surprise, he gets a second chance to mend things. Indeed the manhwa world is a better world! What steps does he take? Will he use this chance to finally get a better life or will he miss this chance again? To know more about it, we have to read the manhwa. 

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Recapitulation Of The Last Chapter

As stated earlier, Han Li gets a chance to reverse time and mend his mistakes. So, as we move forward with the story, our protagonist is seen landing up to the past. He is back to being an 18-year-old student again. Here he gets the chance to prove his talents once again after failing his graduation.

After that, he gets an option to upgrade his skills and talents and be called an intellectual personality. Not only this, he who was cheated on by his ex-girlfriend also gets a chance to enhance his looks and return back to that age. Aren’t you all envious of Han Li’s life? Yes, you must be! But there is extreme ruthlessness and problems waiting for poor Han Li. This will be covered in the upcoming chapters.

Where To Read?

I Regressed to Level Up Instead of Being a Simp Chapter 22 will be made available in its raw version as soon as it is released. For the readers who are eager to read the manhwa, you can give the unofficial sites like Kunmanga a try. Unfortunately, the official site to read the same has not yet been disclosed. A few of the previous chapters are also available on YouTube for the readers to watch.

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