From The Shaking World Chapter 28 Release Date Astounds Readers!

From The Shaking World Chapter 28 Release Date has been finalised by the creators. To all the readers awaiting the next chapter, well the date has been finally disclosed! It is around the corner and fans can’t keep their calm. The intriguing plotline makes it even more engrossing and entertaining. Yangdam as always has given the best shot with this manga. The sweet yet relatable story of the manga keeps the readers on the edge of their seats.

From The Shaking World Chapter 28 Release Date

From The Shaking World Chapter 28 Release Date has been disclosed by the creators. The enthralling storyline is all set to make a comeback. Well, the release date has been finalised to be on the 21st of September, 2023. Naver has taken the task of publishing From The Shaking World Chapter 28. In case you haven’t read the previous ones, you can head straight to Naver to read those as well.

From The Shaking World: Overview

The popular ongoing manhwa “From The Shaking World” was first published in 2022 and is still being broadcast today. The story’s main character appears to be caught in some type of time loop in which the same things keep happening over and over again, or he is living multiple lives while being surrounded by the individuals he normally interacts with. Nevertheless, the manhwa creates a sense of tension in the reader, who is eager to find out what will happen next.

Eunsae’s romantic life starts to “seesaw” once the world around her changes. Eunsae might be at risk if she encounters the stalker on the street and the individual makes an attempt to harm her. It’s also conceivable that Eunsae is collaborating with the stalker, but for some reason, she doesn’t want to be seen with him in public.

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From The Shaking World Chapter 27: Recap

Our male protagonist, as we saw in the previous chapter, made attempts to speak to Chanhu and to cling to him since he believed that his friend’s life might be in danger. But it was all because his other friend Eunsae was always being followed by an obsessed stalker who was dangerous. Unable to turn down Eunsae’s request for assistance in this matter, the male protagonist did his best to stand by her and try to keep her safe.

But as time went on, we learned that Eunsae was actually endangering other people’s lives while appealing for protection from the stalker. Due to the fact that he was too near to Eunsae, a man lost his life or, to be more precise: was murdered. The male protagonist had long-standing misgivings about her, which is why he was attempting to keep Eunsae away from Chanhu. However, no matter what he did, Eunsae always managed to stay with him. The tragedy later occurred when we saw the stalker shove Chanhu onto the road before being struck by a lorry. The male lead tried to protect him from the stalker, but the stalker reached him first. 

In this scene, the male protagonist remarked that it was similar to his first death. He then went to Eunsae and accused her of being responsible for the occurrence. Eunsae, however, adamantly denied knowing it would result in a fatality. It might be the seventh instance of the same event, the male lead remarked. Even though he tried a number of different approaches to try and alter the course of the story, it always came out the same way. Eunsae is seen shoving her stalker away on the road by the male protagonist at the conclusion of chapter 27.

From The Shaking World Chapter 28: Spoilers!

The male protagonist of Chapter 27 found Eunsae shoving her stalker away on the street. Given that there are many potential causes, this circumstance could give rise to numerous hypotheses. Eunsae might be at risk if her stalker attempts to attack her when they cross paths on the road. It’s also possible that Eunsae is working with the stalker but does not want to be seen with him in public.

By tricking the guards into letting them in, Axehand and Boney, who are on the ground, will get access. While Foxy climbs to the platforms unnoticed, Jerry, Derek, Headless, Boboar, and Boboar conceal themselves in dense vegetation. When Axehand makes his first cut into the tree or when they are discovered, Jerry will alert them, and everything will go according to plan. Once Axehand chops the tree for the first time, the aim is to flee.

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