True Education Chapter 126 Release Date Astounds Fanatics!

All the Lee Makhyun fans, we have great news for you all! True Education Chapter 126 Release Date has been finalised by the creators. It is right around the corner. The Korean manhwa has blown the minds of the people since its release. Chae Yong, the famous and renowned name in the manhwa world has tried on to something different in this manhwa. Shifting from regular action and thriller, True Education has been a blend of action along classroom drama. All the information on True Education Chapter 126 Release Date has been discussed here in this article. So keep scrolling to learn more about the topic!

True Education Chapter 126 Release Date

Are you looking for a weekend plan? Well, you can stop that now! Since True Education Chapter 125 has been all set to mark a comeback, you do not have to think about a weekend plan. Chae Yong’s creation True Education has been the talk of the town since its serialisation. The intimidating drama and spine-chilling actions will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

The very sensitive and gruesome topic of bullying has been articulated and presented easily and simply. This easy portrayal of the same makes it even more engrossing and entertaining. To all of our surprise, we have the next chapter which is 126th all set to release on the 17th of September 2023. True Education Chapter 126 will be made available for you to read by 6:30 PM on the 17th.

True Education: Backstory

For manga readers looking for a gripping plot, “True Education” is a great series to read. These are the unusual options accessible; they are not the typical selections. Each time a chapter is completed, you experience an uncommon sense of joy. “True Education” is like unwrapping a gift and getting exactly what you wanted. The main character of this tale is strong and knowledgeable and exhibits signs of villainy. Because of the plot’s compelling concentration on every school the protagonist attends, “True Education” has a distinctive appeal. Its power is in the pleasure that lasts past the first chapter and leaves you wanting more.

When confronting problematic bullies in schools, Hwajin Na doesn’t hesitate to use an unconventional tactic. Some people may look disdainfully at his strictness and actions, but when even the worst bullies fail to take into account the consequences of their actions, drastic measures must be taken. On their path to a good education, bullies occasionally need to pick up some lessons. Although Hwajin Na’s techniques are uncommon, they are effective where other approaches have fallen short.

The appeal of “True Education” is increased by a paradox. In addition to showcasing the MC’s rigorous teaching techniques, the show investigates why such harsh measures are required for a better educational system. The manhwa brings one of the most crucial problems and a social cause into the picture. It showcases the biggest loophole in the education system with utmost ease. 

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True Education Chapter 125: Recap

Lee Mukhyun is that character in the manhwa who stands for people but is generally misunderstood. He portrayed a strict charisma but the motto behind that strictness was to remove the practice of bullying from the school. In the course of it, when Mukhyun learned that mixed-race children were being mistreated in Seoul, he began to do something which was objected to by the whole school. He started bullying the Korean students there.

Even when the teacher called him out for intimidating the Korean lot, Mukhyun claimed to be Korean himself. He proclaimed that the reason behind such harshness was to eradicate the social enigma of bullying from the school.

Daniel Hyun, a new native English speaker who taught the session, took an introductory course. He informed them that he had previously resided in Manhattan before moving to Korea. Mukhyun had a strict principle which was to be anti-bullying and anti-racism. He is seen in the last chapter to lose his control when asked about black people. Apparently, they were extremely racist towards Asians. Daniel and Mukhyun did not have a good start in the previous chapter. Let us hope things change in the next chapter.

Where To Read? 

Fans and readers are extremely curious to know more about the manhwa. The platform to read the manhwa is yet to be disclosed. Well, to make your job easier we have attached the link to the platform. This will lead you to the page where you can read the chapter easily. The English translation of the manhwa True Education is made available on Webtoon. Whereas for the raw version, you can head straight to Naver Webtoon.

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