Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 135 Release Date Stands Confirmed: Detailed Study On It!

Penned by Esol, Yeonwoo’s Innocence is a story that will feel like a giant hug. So relatable yet so unrealistic! The manga delves into the genre of School life romance and comedy. Readers have acknowledged the maker for the highly impressive comic timing. We should also not forget the brewing love story between our protagonist and his longtime crush. The simple and sweet storyline has become one of the main reasons for it receiving such heights. Fans have become curious about Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 135 Release Date. Keeping the appreciation received for the manga, the curiosity is not surprising. Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 135 Release Date has been disclosed here in this article. Keep scrolling to know more!

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 135 Release Date

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 135 Release Date has been finalised by the creators and publishers. You will get access to it by the 17th of September, 2023. The manga has garnered thousands of views since its serialisation. It is currently streaming on Kakao Page. The manga has managed to keep the readers hooked throughout.

Keeping the past records in view, we can expect the upcoming iteration to be extremely engrossing and entertaining. Readers will have to wait till the 17th to get a proper view of the same. However, we can expect it to be on par with the previous chapters.

Yeonwoo’s Innocence: Overview

The manga follows an exceptionally entertaining love story. It is not an ordinary one. Revolving around the life of our protagonist, it is a tale of a lover who loved beyond limits. The worst part is nothing is reciprocated. All his love is one-sided which makes the situation even worse and gut-wrenchingly painful for him.

Yeonwoo’s affection is one-sided. He first ran into Kang Haesol in the corridor at the beginning of Grade One last year. He was instantly smitten. 

Yeonwoo and Kang Haesol ended up in the same Grade Two class. Yeonwoo had assumed that they would naturally get closer, but because Kang Haesol was constantly surrounded by people, there was nowhere for him to move in. When April finally arrived, Yeonwoo had not even spoken to her despite the fact that they had grown close. He was simply thrilled to meet Kang Haesol every day because they were in the same class. 

What is written in Yeonwoo’s fate? Will he get the love of his life Kang Haesol? What will happen if Kang rejects Yeonwoo’s proposal once and for all? Well, to get the answers to all such questions, we will have to read the manga. Here in this article, we have a curated recap of the previous chapter. This will keep you updated on the same.

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Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 134: Summary

We read earlier in Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 134 that Junhyuk always desired a younger sibling. Yeonwoo was a younger brother who was like a gift to him, according to him. He made the decision to look out for Yeonwoo the moment he first met him.

It’s endearing to see how protective Junhyuk is of Yeonwoo. Junhyuk adopted Yeonwoo as his adopted younger brother and took it upon himself to protect him from the outside world.

However, a snow-white, untouched field without any foot traffic is frequently prone to easily getting soiled. As they aged, their relationship’s dynamics changed. Their relationship has greater depth as a result of Junhyuk’s internal conflict between wanting to support Yeonwoo and longing for his own freedom. 

Further Story

Yeonwoo was constantly harassed by the boys during his third year of elementary school when he performed as a girl in a play. As a result, Yeonwoo stopped performing the play he was talented at and also developed a more shy personality. When Junhyuk wasn’t around, Yeonwoo experienced severe bullying quite frequently. They once went so far as to lock Yeonwoo in the women’s lavatory.

Junhyuk first experienced these ideas in the sixth grade of elementary school. He wanted to spend more time with his buddies, but he and Yeonwoo had to leave for home early. Yeonwoo quickly lost his charming little brother status and became a responsibility which he was not ready to take.

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 135: Where To Read?

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 135 will be made available for the readers on KakaoPage as well as Naver Webtoon. At present the manga is available in the raw version itself. To get easy access to a few chapters, readers need to get a subscription. 

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