I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever Chapter 6 Release Date: Recap & Spoilers

When it comes to creating stories with the most impossible twists, mangas and manhwas are the best in the world. They often deal with alternate realities where your life can entirely change. I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever is a similar one.

The story actually starts with the female protagonist. She has somehow taken up an identity. Her name is Elena and she is a priestess in a novel but she was originally the princess.

This complicated story has garnered the attention of many manhwa readers around the world. Now, they are curious about an upcoming chapter. So, what do you think is the release date of I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever Chapter 6?

I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever Chapter 6 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

In all these years, if you are an avid manga and manhwa reader, you have definitely noticed a rise in the rate of novels that deal with reincarnation stories. But this time, the writers and illustrators have come up with something quite different from the usual trend. In this manhwa, there’s a hint of a literally life-changing scenario (no pun intended). The girl who discovers herself as a priestess is actually the princess of the novel. Now, she is trying to escape her ill fate.

This one is a pretty fresh manhwa and the fans have started to shower their love over this one. Otakus are quite curious about this one and they want to know. What is I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever Chapter 6 release date? Will it be delayed, or will it be sooner? In this article, you will get answers to all of your questions and doubts about this.

I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever Chapter 6 release date is 14th September 2023. Indian fans will get this after 8.30 p.m. on Thursday. The release date actually remains the exact same in all places of the world where the publisher gives service. People from Japan, Korea, Europe, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, and New York will get Chapter 6 on 14th September which is on Thursday. Just like on a weekly basis, the publishers will release this chapter.

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I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever: Struggling Through An Alternate Reality

When you start reading this manhwa, you will find it quite strange. Initially, it tells us the story called ‘Empress Rosalynne’ – in this story, Rosalynne is the gorgeous heroine. Three male leads are romantically involved with her. One day, the royals arranged a ritual for getting a good harvest of crops. This purifying ritual was actually a humble prayer to the Lahan God. Everything was going okay until one of the priestesses broke a glass and spilled wine.

The ritual was meant to be silent. As a result, the Lahan God cursed the empire – soon, there was a long drought and a lot of people lost their money. Rosalynne was among them. She had to be the tutor of Duke Livai, the brother of the Emperor. Gradually she earned respect and one day, became the Empress. But soon, she wakes up – she fell from the roof before this. Somehow in this reality, her name has become Elena. To her surprise, she was reborn as the priestess who spilled the wine.

In Chapter 5, Elena is shocked when she meets Rosalynne. Rosalynne is not at all like what she should have been and she treats common people like slaves. Elena is a common woman and as the priestess, she has fallen in her rank after her blunder in spoiling the holy ritual. Elena is now the servant of the Church. She is trying to earn her living and manages to take up the job of the teacher of Duke Levi.

What Can We Expect In Chapter 6 And Reading Platform Of This Manhwa

In the next chapter, we might see Elena trying to be the best tutor for Duke Levi. The Emperor has told her repeatedly that Levi is his only brother. He might love Levi, but that guy is problematic. So, in chapter 6, we can see conversations between them.

But for now, let us not completely rely on probable speculations. It will be better for us to wait till I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever Chapter 6 release date arrives. If you want to read this, you can go to the Piccoma Website by clicking here.

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