Oshi No Ko Chapter 126 Release Date: Expected Release Date And Storyline!

Fans have been waiting and anticipating the release of Oshi No Ko’s further chapters. As a token of delight, this manga marks its appearance every Saturday with a new chapter. In case you too are eager to know about the next chapter, we have the authentic date ready for you. The article contains information on the Oshi No Ko Chapter 126 Release Date. Along with that all the relevant information and data on the storyline of the previous chapters as well as the expected plot of the 126th chapter has been covered below. Keep scrolling to find out the answer to it!

Oshi No Ko Chapter 126 Release Date

Oshi No Ko Chapter 126 Release Date has yet not been confirmed by the creators and publishers to be on the 20th of September, 2023. Fans have been curious to know the date. Keeping in mind the fandom, the publishers release a new chapter every Saturday. The unimaginable blend of drama, action, supernatural elements and romance keeps the manga close to the hearts of the readers. 

Oshi No Ko: Backstory

The popular Japanese manga series “Oshi no Ko” has been a popular name in every household with manga fans. It was created by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari. This popular duo has done a commendable job in their previous Japanese manga as well. The story keeps the readers on the edge of the seat because of the beautiful blend of  Drama, romance, and supernatural genres. 

The protagonist of the tale is a little child named Nagisa Yukiai, an idol singer. Nagisa has a unique talent that enables her to see and converse with the souls of the dead. She conceals this talent from the general public, nonetheless, out of concern that it will harm her reputation as an idol. The manga is made for all of us. It covers the genres which would be loved and appreciated by the masses. So the impeccable love from the readers is not that surprising in this case. In case you have not yet read the previous chapters, we have the information for those ready for you.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.8: Recapitulation

The previous chapter of this famous manga has been a super hit in the manga world. Fans and readers have liked the plot and shown their interest in the next chapter. In case you have not yet read the previous chapter, we have a  recap for it ready here. Readers got to see the humorous interactions between Sensei and Ai Hoshino in the previous chapter. Ai’s attempt to get Sensei’s full attention resulted in some gut-hurting comical situations while he was preoccupied with a book on medical research.

Sensei is seduced by Ai’s lustrous, silken hair, which sticks out among all her other attractive qualities. So his memory of her is forever changed not only by the beauty of her hair but also by the effortless grace with which it moves.

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Oshi No Ko Chapter 125.9: Storyline

The story suggests more in-depth exchanges between Sensei and Ai Hoshino. Ai is seen performing live. As their friendship deepens, we see Sensei summon the guts to ask Ai out, launching some tender episodes.

One thing is undeniably true regardless of what happens. Ai Hoshino’s desired outcomes are being achieved. The bond between Sensei and Ai Hoshino has grown over time, as has their communication. If events keep progressing at this rate, Sensei may soon ask Ai Hoshino out, and our readers may be in for some adorable chapters.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 126: Expected Storyline

Fans are buzzing with anticipation as there are rumours of the next chapter to be released soon. Well, the rumours have already been settled in this article. Now come the spoilers! Well, at present there is no confirmed news or information on the spoilers for the next chapter of the manga. However, we can speculate the next chapter to staff from the last bits of the 125.9th chapter. So the bond between Sensei and Ai may suffer a bad trip in this chapter. This situation will create a sense of insecurity and take a huge turn in the chapter.

Where To Read Oshi No Ko?

For all the curious readers who are waiting to hear on the platform to read the manga, we have the answer for you already here in this article. So you can read the last chapter as well as expect the latest brand new chapter to be released on the 20th to be available on Manga Plus.

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