Beast’s Flower Chapter 29 Release Date Staggers Fanatics!

Here is another manga which has become very popular among the readers. It is very unique and interesting that has engaged the readers. This series which we will be reading in this article is “Beast’s Flower”. There are already 28 chapters available for this manga and the fans are waiting for the next one. In this article, fans will get to know about the Beast’s Flower Chapter 29 Release Date. This series has received positive reviews from readers and critics as well. It has become a must-read series for all manga lovers. All information about the series and the platform where people can read is given in this article. Read it thoroughly till the end to find out all the information and know about one of the best manga series.

Beast’s Flower Chapter 29 Release Date

It is a stop for all the anxiousness of the fans who were waiting for chapter 29 of this series. As confirmed, this chapter of the Korean manga series is to be released soon. 12th September 2023 is the confirmed date when chapter 29 is going to be released. There will be variations in the timings of release. Timings will be different for different regions around the globe. Hence, fans should know the correct timing for the release. Also, the chapter will be released in a raw format that will be in Korean language. It will take time to be translated into English by the translation team. Fans who read this manga series in English have to wait a little longer than the original release date.

Recap Of The Previous Chapter

In this chapter, readers can read that Lyla is now carrying the child of Duke. She is going to become the mother of the Duke’s child. But for now, she doesn’t want it to be revealed to anyone. So she tells the Duke to keep this a secret. Duke didn’t listen to her and told everyone about it. Also, he now wants to marry Layla and start their family with the child. This makes Layla very happy and now the cursed smell is gone.

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What Is This Series About?

Lyla was born to a baron but she developed an issue since her birth. This problem was that she took birth with the smell of a curse. And this horrible smell followed her everywhere. Her family members abandoned her to get rid of her smell. She was given the horse stables to live and later she was shown the path of the woods. Lyla very soon became an outcast of the village due to her own sister. Her sister spread rumours that Lyla was a witch who used to curse everyone. These all made her live on her own alone in the woods. And all this happened when she was just at the age of seven. In the woods, Lyla found an old man who could smell anything and was always drunk. He taught all the techniques that were required to survive the fierce woods.

Then one day a man came knocking on the door of Lyla. It was a rainy day and the man wanted shelter so he offered money in exchange for staying in Lyla’s home. She agreed but she asked, “Is he not able to smell the horrible smell?” Answering this, the man said that he has a disability. He cannot smell anything after an accident when he fell from a horse. This is a story of these two characters and their love story. It tells about how an unlucky girl meets a man who changes her life for good. This manga is based on Romance, supernatural events, and action. It is a perfect manga to start reading for new manga readers.

Where Can People Read It?

Naver Webtoons is the site to find interesting manga series. The raw scan of this manga is also available on this platform. TappyToon is the platform to visit if you read in English. Publishers originally release their content on these two platforms. There are not any other platforms where this series is authentic. All chapters released till now are present on these platforms. And the next chapters will also be released on the same platforms. People who are going to read it for the first time should visit these manga platforms only.

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