Blue Box Chapter 116 Release Date Announcement Staggers Fanatics!

Blending in the sports and romance genre, Blue Box features a compelling storyline. Due to these story arcs, the manga is currently dominating the genre. Penned by My Teacher’ author, Kouji Miura, the manga aligns its focus on Taiki Inomata, a flourishing badminton player. It portrays a realistic journey of an athlete as he tries to balance his messy personal and professional lives. It is due to these themes that Blue Box has conquered a wide fanbase. The manga currently boasts over a million copies in circulation and twice as many fans.

Now, Miura is on the quest to release the twelfth volume at the earliest. She recently confirmed the Blue Box Chapter 116 release date and terminated the anticipation!

Blue Box Chapter 116 Release Date

After her mangas I Love You and My Teacher garnered immense appraisal for their art and characters, Kouji opted to change her track. She then decided to delve into the sports genre and portray a minimalistic but profoundly compelling storyline. The recipient of the Kodansha award, Miura began serializing Blue Box in April 2021. The manga is currently acquired by Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump and Viz Media. It has been accumulated into eleven tankōbon volumes so far. 

Just a few weeks after its debut, Blue Box became the most-read manga of 2021. It ranked eighth in the Next Manga Awards and received global recognition due to the same. The next year, Blue Box, also recognized as Ao No Hako became one of the top five Nationwide Bookstore Employees’ Recommended Comics. Though an anime adaptation is yet to be announced, the speculations and demands regarding the same are flourishing seamlessly.

Currently, the Shōnen manga is in its twelfth volume and is pivoting towards becoming a pioneer in its genre. Recently, Kouji confirmed that Blue Box Chapter 116 will be released on September 11, 2023. It will be available on the Manga Plus website of the Shōnen Jump magazine in the Japanese language. Meanwhile, Viz Media will host the English-translated version.

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Blue Box Manga Overview

Incorporating sports jargon and romance sequences, Blue Box revolves around a high school student, Taiki Inomata. He is an aspiring badminton player and the star player of his team. Though he isn’t obsessed with the sport just yet, Inomata harbours a deep affinity towards badminton and his routine. Every day, while running tracks and practising the badminton moves, Taiki gets to tail along with his crush, Chinatsu Kano. As it happens, Kano, too, is an athlete and basketball prodigy.

Taiki and Chinatsu aspire to play in the national, and eventually in the international, championships. However, Kano’s ambitions are soon threatened due to her parents’ transfer and she has to move in with Taiki. Despite the sudden transition, Kano’s dedication towards her sport and dream remains firm. But Inomata is unable to align his focus on anything except the new member of his household.

Blue Box Chapter 116 Plot

Inomata’s crush on Kano deepens as he witnesses her unyielding devotion towards her sport. Meanwhile, Chinatsu starts gravitating towards him and the two find common ground in terms of sports. Their feelings intensify as they begin supporting and pushing each other to excel at their goals. Weaving through the daily dilemma of an athlete’s life, both Chinatsu and Taiki climb the ladder to becoming the best in the field.

After graduating from high school, the duo embarks on a journey to compete in the national championship. They then begin competing in professional matches against the elite players. In the previous chapter, Taiki participated in yet another tournament and is due to compete against a renowned badminton wiz. In this upcoming chapter, Taiki’s skills will be put to the test once again.

Blue Box Chapter 116 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Blue Box Manga About?

Blue Box is a sports manga centred around a badminton player, Taiki Inomata and his crush, Chinatsu Kano. The manga chronicles the tale of these players as they navigate personal and professional challenges.

2. Who Is The Author Of The Blue Box Manga?

The manga is written by the author of I Love You and Teacher, Kouji Miura.

3. Is Blue Box Adapted From A Novel?

No, Blue Box isn’t adapted from a novel.

4. Is The Blue Box Chapter 116 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Blue Box Chapter 116 Release?

Blue Box Chapter 116 is scheduled to be released on September 11, 2023.

6. Where To Read Blue Box Chapter 116 Online?

The manga is available online on Manga Plus and Weekly Shōnen Jump.

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