Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Release Date Witnesses An Impasse!

An intense psychological thriller manga, Chi No Wadachi delves into the untouched corners of a sacred bond. It is renowned for projecting a mind-numbing take on a mother-son duo, Seiko and Seiichi. The manga is written and illustrated by The Flowers Of Evil author, Shūzō Oshimi. With each passing chapter, Oshimi keeps inculcating riveting twists and turns in the manga. It is due to his creative imagination that Chi No Wadachi currently boasts over two million copies in circulation.

It is obvious why fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming chapter of this thriller manga. But even after announcing the release date, the manga has not been made available yet. If you, too, are wondering why Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 has been delayed, look no further!

Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Release Date

Oshimi’s eponymous manga began serialisation in Shogakukan’s Big Comic magazine in February 2017. Also entitled, Blood On The Tracks, the manga is now accumulated into sixteen tankōbon volumes. However, unlike Oshimi’s previous manga, Chi No Wadachi has yet to be adapted into an anime or a live-action film. Speculations regarding the manga being considered for an anime adaptation have been flourishing for a while now. But the author has yet to comment on the rumours.

Shūzō has been teasing the readers with an enticing story arc and an engrossing question. Due to the same and his eccentric schedule, fans are left wondering whether the release date of the upcoming chapter has been confirmed. Previously the author confirmed that the upcoming chapter will be released on September 4. 

But so far, Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 has not been made available. However, the reason behind the delay has not been announced yet. It is speculated that this highly anticipated chapter will be made available to the readers by the end of September’s first week on Kodansha.

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Chi No Wadachi Manga Overview

Though the title is inspired by Bob Dylan’s titular album (Blood On The Tracks), the manga portrays a conceptually different storyline. It revolves around Seiichi Osabe, a solitude-seeking middle schooler. He grew up alongside his protective mother, Seiko and carefree father, Ichirō. Throughout his childhood, Seiichi has admired and idolised his mother, who harbours a tendency to cross any length for him. He considers Seiko his confidante and guarding angel, who doesn’t hesitate to kill and maim for him. Due to the same, he is ridiculed and mocked by his cousins and classmates. However, Seiichi’s feelings are not deterred; he keeps considering Seiko as an overtly loving mother.

Seiko isn’t anything but a naive and protective mother hen. She camouflages her obsession with Seiko beneath her cunning conspiracies. Even her husband and son remain unaware of Seiko’s manipulation techniques and fragile mental health. But slowly, as Seiko demonstrates her true colours, things take a turn for the worse in Seiichi’s life.

Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Plot

When Yuiko Fukiishi barges into Seiichi’s life, the two connect on a deeper level. He develops a crush on Yuiko, who hesitates to open up in front of him at first. Due to her abusive father, Yuiko has had to endure an agonising childhood. Yuiko’s mother abandoned her when she was a mere toddler and left a shallow scar on her. Now, when she witnesses Seiko’s obsessive personality, alarming warnings arise in her mind.

Apart from Shigeru, Seiichi’s cousin, whom Seiko pushed from a cliff, Yuiko unravels the latter’s heinous mindset.

Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is Chi No Wadachi Manhwa About?

It is a psychological thriller manga centred around a middle schooler, Seiichi Osabe and his obsessive mother.

2. Who Is The Author Of Chi No Wadachi Manga?

The manga is written and illustrated by Drifting Net Cafe and Happiness’s author Shūzō Oshimi.

3. Is Chi No Wadachi Adapted From A Light Novel?

No, Chi No Wadachi is not adapted from a novel.

4. Is Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed yet.

5. Why Was Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Delayed?

The reason behind the delay is yet to be known.

6. Where To Read Chi No Wadachi Chapter 153 Online?

You can read the manga online on Kodansha.

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