Demands For Manager Kim Chapter 102 Release Date Are Now Fulfilled!

Delving into the sacred bond of a father-daughter duo, the action-packed manga, Manager Kim, has succeeded in luring an extensive fanbase. Helmed by the author of Lookism, Taejun Park, the manga chronicles the tale of a former black-ops officer who finds himself in a dilemma. Manager Kim portrays a dire familial crisis, blending in the evergreen tropes of emotional drama and vengeance. It aims to deliver a punchy tale that would reverberate with the audience and knock down the reader. While it doesn’t always achieve its goal and sometimes lacks a gripping narration, its storyline tends to keep fanatics hooked.

With the previous chapter introducing a groundbreaking twist in the story, fans are now anticipating the upcoming iteration. But now the author has slashed the wait and fulfilled the incessantly rising demands for Manager Kim Chapter 102. More details are stated below for fanatics like you!

Manager Kim Chapter 102 Release Date

The author and illustrator released the webtoon in early February 2022. Manager Kim has been turning heads ever since its release. The underlying foundational sentiments projected by the manga kept it floating even though some chapters were subjected to heavy criticism. Weaving through some gloomy days and delighting in the appreciative comments, the manga has now managed to conquer the hearts of many. 

Yet, the complaint from the author remains the same–his erratic schedule. But recently Park confirmed the release date of the upcoming chapter, adhering to fan demands. Manager Kim Chapter 102 is scheduled for release on September 4, 2023. It will be available on its host website, Webtoon in the Korean language. 

An English translation would take a while and will be released on the same publishing platform. Taejun is yet to announce a concrete release date for the English dubbed Chapter 102 and the other twenty or so remaining chapters. Since the publishing service only harbours 83 chapters, fans are now resorting to other online websites that unofficially provide English translations.

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Manager Kim Manga Overview

The manga revolves around Kim, a former black-ops officer who has long left the mercenary lifestyle behind him. He resorted to working at a local company to raise his daughter, Minji, alone after putting aside his gun and focusing on what was left of his family. Kim dedicated his entire life to the upbringing of Minji but then suddenly his life takes a roundabout turn. Minji disappears mysteriously, leaving a trail of heartache and suspicions behind her along with a terrified father.

Kim then reaches out to the federal officers upon witnessing the ordeal with his daughter to seek justice. Unfortunately, the officers deny Kim’s suspicion and allege that Minji has run away due to his stringent personality. With all the doors shut, Kim takes it upon himself to investigate Minji’s sudden disappearance. And he is determined to continue the rescue mission, even if it means clashing head-on against the deadliest mafia clan in Korea.

Manager Kim Chapter 102 Plot

What was once an average household brimming with echoes of laughter has now turned deserted and Kim is not able to endure the harrowing silence. He keeps crashing against obstacles and people only to meet with a dead end. Frustration leads Kim towards his best friend, Jincheol Park, who instils an excruciating doubt in him. According to Jincheol, Minji might be dead since Kim is unable to trace back to her. With the prospect of Minji being no longer alive, Kim’s helplessness incessantly increases.

Kim has balanced his personal and professional lives efficiently but now that Minji has gone AWOL, he has lost his sense of morals. He is now ambling on the path of self-destruction and is unable to pluck the sense of dread out of him. Is Minji alive or has she been targeted by somebody on purpose? Manager Kim Chapter 102 will lead the readers a step closer to the answer.

Manager Kim Chapter 102 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is Manager Kim Manhwa About?

It is an action-adventurous manga centred around a former black-ops officer who is on a rescue mission to find his daughter.

2. Who Is The Author Of Manager Kim Manga?

The manga is penned by Lookism and Viral Hit’s author, Taejun Park.

3. Is Manager Kim Adapted From A Light Novel?

No, it is not adapted from a light novel.

4. Is Manager Kim Chapter 102 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Manager Kim Chapter 102 Release?

Manager Kim Chapter 102 is scheduled to be released on September 4, 2023.

6. Where To Read Manager Kim Chapter 102 Online

You can read the manga online on Webtoon.

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