Logging 10000 Years Into The Future Chapter 52 Release Date

Futuristic mangas and animes have become the talk of the town for otakus. Concepts like transmigration, reincarnation, and redemption are pretty new in the field of mangas. But considering how attractive the idea of a future world is, they have been created. Logging 10000 Years Into The Future is such a manga.

The story revolves around our protagonist, Lu Sheng. He is a close observer of Martial Arts and Powers. But one day, he gets a vision of the future world. He had a normal life but this one incident changed his destiny forever. We will tell you more about the story later on.

Fans have loved the idea of such a plot. Manga readers have also expressed their interest. Now, people want to know what can be the release date of Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 52. Please keep reading our article here if you are intrigued, too.

Logging 10000 Years Into The Future Chapter 52 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Whenever a manga starts releasing its chapters, as a manga reader, my first priority is the plot. If I find the story gripping, then it’s a yes for me. Otherwise, if the main character is bold and is set to have good character development, I will definitely continue reading it. In this manga, we get to see ideas of a future world. It comes to the main character as a message. A terrifying one, to be exact. Leu Sheng never imagined getting such a view of his beautiful world.

With advancement through time, a civilization is meant to improve. If it starts to perish, then there must have been quite a few big blunders on the way. But, before going on with the story, we will talk about the main topic. Fans have been asking about the possibility of a new chapter. What is Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 52 release date? Will it get released soon? Yes. A new chapter of the manga is on the way. Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 52 release date is 8th September 2023 in Japan. Indian fans will get it on 7th September. 

7th September remains the release date in India, Europe, the Philippines, New York, and Singapore. Only in Japan, Korea, Australia, and East Indonesia, the release date is 8th September, Friday. I can assure you that the makers will not at all disappoint you with the plot. Every chapter that has come out till now, there has been a marvelous finish to it. If you haven’t already read the manga, let us take a look at the story.

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Logging 10000 Years Into The Future: The Fight For Humanity

As you read before this, the story of the manga is quite complex in matters of time. Like every other art or branch, the world of Martial Arts also had a revolution. Despite this, there were swarms of oddly looking monsters and demonic creatures who kept on killing the warriors. These beings somehow started to conquer Earth and under their wrath, the world lost a lot of its powerful warriors. Everything seems so hopeless until Leu Sheng comes to the scene.

It was one fine day when Leu was having a dream. But he started to see himself in a nightmare world. This was 10,000 years from where he is now. Leu Sheng found out about so many advancements in martial arts tactics, breathing mechanisms, and healthcare. But humanity is dead. No one is there to carry martial arts on their shoulders – Leu Sheng is the only hope. In Chapter 51, we can see that some kind of process is going on with Leu. He is in the middle of some situation. The old man prepared marrow for him to drink.

Leu Sheng’s goal is to achieve a perfect strong golden warrior figure. So, he is in the middle of an experiment. Leu is locked inside a container of marrow and within a short time, he manages to absorb the whole tank of marrow completely. Leu had a great potential. We get to see him absorbing marrow that’s worth billions. This will strengthen his aura and strength from the inside. Although the old man underestimated him in the beginning, Leu Sheng ultimately proves his worth.

What Can We Expect In Chapter 52 And Reading Platform Of The Manga

In this next chapter, we can see more phases of Leu Sheng. He is achieving new levels of strength for his main target, and the marrows are helping him. We can see Leu working on his fighting skills in Chapter 52. And yes, the old man will seek something from him. We are yet to see what he asks in return for the fifteen billion marrows that he prepared for Leu Sheng. Leu will use his upgraded power and abilities to fight against the horde of monstrous zombies.

In the end, it’s better to wait for an official update. So, let us wait till Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 52 release date arrives. If you want to read this manga on Kuaikan, click here.

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