The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 76 Release Date. Discussing The Popular Series

The Breaker: External Force is a known mang series, running for a long time with a total of 70+ chapters released till now. the series excites readers around the globe. they have been reading the series with great enthusiasm and asking for new chapters to be released soon. The series revolves around the main characters Seol and Shiwoon, who are being attacked by the snippers of their enemies.

Seol’s bodyguard is unable to save or protect them from the enemies for which he is scolded badly, and Seol warns him, that if he does not bring Shiwoon back she will kill him. The series thus shows the amazing love of Seol for Showoon. The same is Shiwoon’s feelings for her, who tries to calm her down in every aspect and at every turn remains behind her protecting her from evils.

Getting excited to know more about this series, and the couple and the relationship between them Hopefully you are at the right place. We have covered here every small point of the series, which will give you the best of the earlier chapters. Along with the release date we have also given the spoiler to the upcoming chapter. 

The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 76 Release Date

Readers demanding to take the series ahead provoke the publishers, and writers of the series The Breaker” Eternal Force to release chapter 76 soon on the upcoming Thursday, September 7, 2023, on their official website Naver Webtoon, and with a translated text in Webtoon page.

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Previously In The Series

The Breaker: Eternal Force series is based on the protagonists Seol and Shiwoon. In the recent chapters we see, Seol scolding and threatening Seol’s bodyguard and Gyoo Bum, to bring Shoiwoon back safe and protected. and if they are unable to do so, she will take away their lives for not doing their duty well.

Seol asks them to save Shiwoon from the attackers because he even has saved her from the assassination and made the assassins fail badly in their mission to kill her. Their enemies asked them to shoot Shiwoon and asked the snipers to point at him again when he was visible. but the superiors said he must be surrounded by the snipers which is threatening to them as they can be killed for their one mistake. 

A minute later, Seol’s bodyguard shot dead all the snipers and found them dumb for not changing their positions, Gyoo Bum on the other side, asked Shiwoon to wait until they could check the area as no one was present there. Shiwon was bleeding and Seol asked him to go to the hospital for treatment, but Shiwoon said he was not injured badly, just a bullet touched and went away. So that is nothing serious. 

What To Expect Ahead In Chapter 76

When Seol saw, that Shiwoon was injured in his hand and was bleeding she asked her bodyguard about his work why did he not protect him and what was he actually doing when it happened. In answer to his mistress, he said, he did not know that snipers could attack after the clearance as well. Listening to this Seol got angry and told him he was useless and could never do his duty in the right way. 

Later in chapter 75, we see, Seol leaving the place but Shiwoon asks her to wait and see the chances of partying, though she is not interested in having any parties anymore. Seol turned mad at Shiwoon for stopping her in the middle, but Shiwoon clarified the situation. He said this was not his intention to hurt her. Meanwhile, he completed his statement shooting started and everyone was in a mess, where bodyguards protected Shiwoon, and Shiwoon was busily protecting Seol. 

Seol’s bodyguard was not getting any response from other security members for they all were killed before and this was already felt by Shiwoon which was now confirmed. Later in the upcoming chapter 76, we expect the writer to make readers explore the fight more and soon disclose to them, how is sheiion and seol and they are safe. Furthermore, it is expected to reveal their relationship and the feelings they both show indirectly by their actions must be clear and made straightforward in the upcoming chapters of the series. 

Where Is The Series Available 

The Breaker: Eternal Force, manga series is available for the readers on their official website. Readers can read English-translated chapters on Webtoon and the original series on Naver Webtoon.

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