Just Twilight Chapter 8 Release Date & Spoilers. Everything We’ve Covered So Far

The Manga series makes the readers get excited every time, it new releases. and when the release is either a fighting series or a romantic tale, it especially takes the heart away from the readers. With this exciting introduction to the manga series, we will be today presenting you the series, full of romance, comedy, and dramatic tales. This series is definitely going to take you into another world of laughter and comedy.

Just Twiloght is the manga errs, we’ll be talking about today in this article. the series revolves around the protagonist couple, who are school-going children and have started gaining feelings for each other. They both are more than friends, but not yet accepted lovers. The series, not only has a romantic tale but also adds spice to the series, with the comedy and laughter scenes. 

Thus if you too feel excited about knowing more about the series, and are ready to set on a journey of rom-com, comedy, and dramatic tale, fasten your seatbelts, as we are soon starting this journey for you. Once you end up reading this article, you will be even more happy and feel excited to soon reach the official page and read the series completely. 

Just Twilight Chapter 8 Release Date & Spoilers

With the great success of 7 chapters of the series, Just Twilight written and illustrated by the great author, Woo Jihye, the fans demand the release of chapter 8 soon. With the demand, the publishers have decided to release chapter 8 of the series, on September 8, 2023, on their official website, Kakao Page. 

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Recap Of The Series

Just Twilight is an extra but ordinary series, with a complete blend of romance, friendship, comedy, and teen love of course. The series includes the protagonist male, Kwon Beom-jin, and a female Junyoung. They both despite being school friends are more than friends not ready to accept, as the fun-loving talks between them prove it all. the two are usually seen meeting in an old broken house near the mountains spending their time with each other, fighting and arguing.

Earlier in the series, we saw Junyoung try to irritate Beom-jin, by commenting on his habits attitude, and personality, but Beom-jin is ignoring her talks as if no one is present there. this thing irritates Junyoung in return. Still, she keeps commenting on him, but in return, Beom-jin now decides to make fun of her by saying to get her for she is feeling irritated, which makes her a bit angry. 

Previously In Chapter 7

In the recent chapter 7 of the Just Twilight manga series, we see, Junyoung and Boem-jin in the house of Beom-jin, where Boem-jin is cooking ramen for himself, and Junyoung is lying on his bed. They have changed their place of meeting. Here, Junyoung and Boem-jin are seen irritating each other by making fun of each other. While Boem-jin is preparing ramen for himself, Junyoung reaches him and asks him a few questions.

She starts her conversation by asking if he loves eating ramen. And does he always cook ramen for himself? In answer to it, Boem-jin says, he loves cooking and eating ramen, and that it was his favorite cheat meal. While Boem-jin says, Junyoung should take a bath because she was smelling bad. And that hurts her, but still says she would go and shower after eating ramen. 

They both are trying to mess up with each other, by Junyoung saying to switch off the lights, but Boem Jin is not ready to do so. They both start having ramen and Junyoung says she feels proud for this is the best ramen she has eaten till now. They both started having conversations about baths and showers and every silly thing that could make them happy.

In the upcoming chapters, we might see Boem-jin expressing his love for Junyoung as he is seen preparing hot water for her to take a bath. On the other side, when Junyoung is seen teased by her girly gang on their way to school, by the name of Seung she faints in front of him to gain his attention. Junyoung says she would never want his attention, showing her love for Boem-jin to be expressed later. 

Where Is the Series Available

Just Twilight is a manga series, available on their official website for the readers to get excited. They can read the series on the Kakao Page

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