Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date. When Can We Expect The Return Of Dandadan?

Manga series, generally comprise romance or fights and battles. But what if we say, the series we will be talking about with you today in this article will be a blend of romance and battle? The battle will hold a unique, as it will not be a fight between the human race and demons, else it be a fight between the existence of ghosts and aliens.

The series well discussed today is “Dandadan” a long-run manga series, which includes the fight between two young school friends who constantly debate on the existence of ghosts and aliens. The series has been running for a long time since the year 2021 and continues till now. The series is developed by Yokinobu Tatsu with a blend of romantic tales and battles, with the participation of many characters. 

If you too feel interested in knowing about the series, you are at the right place. We have covered every small thing, of the series for you covered in this article and we’ll let you know more of it and everything by the end you complete reading it and move ahead to the series itself. 

Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date

After the great success of a total of 119 chapters of the series Dandadan, the fans demanded to read the lot of the series ahead and asked the publisher to release chapter 120 soon. In demand of the readers, we see publishers releasing chapter 120 on their official website on September 4, 2023. 

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Previously In The Series

The Dandana series begins with two young school friends, Momo Ayase, and Okarun debating on the topic of the existence of ghosts and aliens. On one side, Momo believed in ghosts and not aliens, on the other side Okarun believed in aliens and not ghosts. They both were then set on a journey to their respective places to find out which one existed really. As a final result, they found both alines and ghosts exist on the planet.

Later in the series we saw, that Momo was possessed by the aliens named Serpo, by which she had the power to control and feel the auras of different things and people too. Okarun was abducted by Turbo-Granny, which has immense speed and the ability to transform into a demonic formation. Earlier in the series we saw, Momo had a huge crush on Ken Takakura an actor and Okarun looked the same way, thus she was seen falling in love with Okarun.

Later in the series, new and more characters were introduced, which included Kinta, Momo’s Grandmother, Vamola, Vamola’s mother, Rokuro, Mr. Shrimp, Turbo-Granny, and others as well. Here, Momo’s grandmother is the medium of talking to spirits, ghosts, or aliens for Okaun and Momo, Mr. Shrimp is an alien who attacked Momo, and later becomes friends with them, and Turbo-Granny is the one who accompanied Okarun and gave him the powers also gave comfort to the soul of the girls died horribly. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 120

In the last chapter 119, we see the whole group of friends dining together at Momo’s granny’s house, where we see, Kinta trying to find out whether Momo loves him, Momo luring her granny and getting irritated, and Okarun trying to teach Kinta to praise the good meal but Kinta refuses to do so.

Okarun and Turbo are having a debate about not appreciating Turbo’s hard work, to choose him the best meat. While Momo is teasing Okarun by taking the meat from his plate, Momo says this is not a simple dinner party, else a yakiniku barbeque battle, which demands showing cute expressions. On the other side of this cute argument, we see Vamoa getting tensed about her mother’s health and condition. 

Serporians who abducted Momo are now unable to go back to their planets due to a lack of powers. Mr. Shrimp and Rukoru are seen together talking to Okaru and Momo, Momo is happy to see Rukoru alive and indulges with the power of Ludris, but even asks him not to attack them as he is now powerful. Even says if he does that they must ruin the entire group of aliens. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series “Dandadan” chapter 120 is all set to be released on their official website where the other chapters are also available. Fans can thus read the series on Manga Plus and for English-translated manga, they can use Shonen Jump

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