Lookism Chapter 465 Release Date And Time: Detailed Study On The Famous Manga!

Are you wondering why Lookism has been such a hit for so long? Why are people still hooked on it? What is the storyline behind it? 464 chapters is not a minor deal! Lookism has been successful in making the readers go crazy with its story. Why wouldn’t they? Something so relatable yet so magical! Well, that’s what Lookism is! In case you are a newbie here and can’t stop to decode the whole fuss, we are here with a brief summary of the manhwa. We also bring you a recapitulation of the last chapter so that you stay on track before speculating on the next chapter. The biggest secret is Lookism Chapter 465 Release Date and Time. However, the secret will surely be revealed in this article. In case you are wondering about the expected storyline and other relevant information, keep on scrolling. Let’s dive right into it!

Lookism Chapter 465 Release Date And Time

To all your surprise, Lookism is returning with its 465th chapter! The manhwa is all set to welcome its next chapter within a week. Fans have been waiting for it since the end of its recent release. Keeping the fandom and announcement by publishers into consideration, the next chapter is all set to release on the 8th of September, 2023. It will be released around 8:30 PM in India. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it sure is for all the Lookism fans. 

Lookism has been successful in gaining the attention and love of a huge audience. If you are a Manhwa fan, you must have read Lookism, at least once. In case you have not yet read it, you are missing something for real.

Well, since we are here with all the updates and information, you do not need to worry and go through a bad trip. We have the solution for all your FOMOs. In case you have not yet read it, we have a summary of the same below. Give it a read and stay updated on the same!

Lookism: What Is The Motive Of The Manhwa?

Lookism has something in it that differentiates it from other manhwas. Readers are immediately taken in by the stunning sketches, which depict each person in exquisite detail. The plot of the manhwa is exorbitant. It showcases a smooth blend of history, mythology and humanity.

Fans are intrigued because of the intensifying situations in which they are thrown into. Gods and humans are shown to fight and compete against each other.

Keeping it aside, the story takes us to a stage in which all the characters grow independently and in unique ways. All the characters are clearly demarcated in their characters and behaviour. This makes the plot clear and uncomplicated. The recent chapters took us to witness fights between different teenage groups to prove their power. What turns will the next chapter take? Will it involve new fights and groups? Well, keep scrolling to get a speculated storyline of the next chapter.

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Lookism Chapter 465: Speculated Storyline

Without any authentic information, it is hard to draw lines and put sure-shot spoilers. However, keeping in mind the previous chapters, we can make a few speculations for the next chapter. One thing that is for sure is the next chapter will bring with it more fights and action. Be ready to witness fights turning into wars in the next chapter. We will be observing Daniel Park against Jin Jang in the next chapter.

In the previous chapters, we have seen both the above-mentioned characters grow into strong men. It will surely be intriguing for the readers to imagine them fighting against each other. However, Lookism Chapter 465 is going to be worth a read. It will come with new characters, new fights and new action.

Lookism Chapter 465: Where To Read?

Are you wondering about the platform to read the upcoming chapter of Lookism? Well, we have the answer to all your questions here. So in case you are looking forward to reading the raw version in Korean, you can head to Naver Comics. For the English version, you can read it on Webtoon. As of now, all the previous chapters are made available on the site. So what are you waiting for? Go read the previous chapters right now and set the timer for the next one!

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