Serena Manhwa Chapter 50 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler & Everything

Romantic manhwas are a point of attraction for readers of every age around the globe. But the romantic tale too goes a little bit boring unless it has some added spices in the story. Thus., in demand of the readers and with the extra spices added up in the romantic tales, we are back with another interesting romance and fantasy manhwa tale. But wait, as said here is a twist in the plot.

the series we will be discussing today is “Serena”, the fantasy tale of a couple, who have nothing good in their relationship. What they do while being together is just fight, argue, and show each other the ground. Well, marriages and love aren’t meant to be so. The lady here is fed up with dancing in the fingers of her husband, while the man still wants to play with his girl as a toy.

The story of the series is superbly interesting, with a fantasy tale added with the scenes of a new female entering the plot. Well, if you too feel equally excited in knowing more of the series and the life ahead of the lade and the man, you are at the right place. Continue reading the article and by the end of it, you will get the important points covered Serena before you head towards reading the novel. 

Serena Manhwa Chapter 50 Release Date

Serena Chapter 50 is all set to be released on their official website. After the great success of the last 49 chapters of the series, and in demand of the audiences the publishers are releasing the series this Monday, September 4, 2023. This chapter is sure to give you extra thrill and excitement with its new and exciting spices to be added to the plot.

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Previously In the Chapters

In this manhwa series, Serena we see the lady named Serena being fed up with her husband’s actions as he has decided to make his wife dance to his words. Serena and her husband have never been in a good relationship. Well, they are soon going to be exes as their relationship is getting complicated like hell.

The series is getting magical, with time as they have turned into a kid-like attitude, for they have stopped fighting and arguing, but still, we don’t feel like things will get right with time, as it has already been quite messy. Serena the main character has now been in love with her husband, but she has yet not realize the real nature of her husband. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 

In the last chapter 49, we see things taking unexpected but messy turns in the lives of both the female and male lead characters of the series. The last chapter shows the entry of a new female character who is way more beautiful than in this series, which weakens Serena’s self-confidence. Serena though she is good good-looking female, the only thing she always regrets is her decision and her action’s consequences. 

Serena at the same time gets frustrated by her behavior, she gets ha[[y as it adds thrill to her simple and easygoing lifestyle. Not only this but also she feels happy to add spices to her own life. On the other side, we see our male lead and Serena’s husband, trying to have his complete hold on his wife, by keeping a check on her talk with other ladies in the group.

The entry of a female character in the plot added the spice, but it demnads for a male lead to enter the plot making it the most spicy. Thus in the upcoming chapter 50 of the series, the fans will get to see a scarred man entering the plot. The fun thing about this man is he is the enemy of our male lead and also the newly added female will take the help of the scared man to ruin the lead’s life.

There are many questions arising about, Who are the new characters. What more spices will they add to the plot? What is the great drama coming up in the next chapters? All these questions are very sure to be answered in the upcoming chapters with excellent twists and turns making the reader go super excited and fun. 

Where Can The Series Be Read

The series “Serena” is streaming on their official website, along with all the new chapters released on the same platform. You can read the series on Naver

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