My Favorite Idol Chapter 11 Release Date: What Is Coming Next In the Series?

Animes are popular for having the best plots and amazing-looking characters, which can make anyone fall in love with them. Wait anyone, can be the anime character and also the real-world viewers of the anime. The same manhwa series, released recently is winning the hearts of audiences who love reading the manhwa series, from all over the world. The series we’ll be discussing today includes the beautiful girl and the handsome boys, initiating their amazing love stories.

The series, “My Favorite Idol” is a recent release of manhwa, which sets the plot around the amazing-looking boy, and also the protagonist of the story. The series we are going to discuss today is the most interesting one among all the manhwas till now. Along with the series’ upcoming chapters, we’ll be even discussing the spoilers to the upcoming chapters and also the recap of the earlier released chapters.

So now, if you are equally excited and interested in delving deeper into the series, let us move ahead in the article and provide you with everything you must know. Continue reading the article as it is sure to provide you with everything that you must know by the end of it. Hope you will enjoy reading the article and get the best of it before you move ahead reading the novel.

My Favorite Idol Chapter 11 Release Date

After the successful release of chapter 10 of the series and winning the hearts of audiences, all around the globe. In demand of the viewers the series “My Favorite Idol” is all set to release its new chapter 11, on September 3, 2023, in Indian Standard Time, while it will be released on September 4, 2023, according to Japanese Standard Time. The series will be available on their official website Naver, for audiences to read and know more about the series ahead. 

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Previously In The Series

The story of My Favorite Idol, a manhwa series revolves around the protagonist, Go Yohan. He is a young boy and the most wanted boy in the town. He is the boy with whom everyone wants to go to school with. He is the one with whom everyone wants to have a drink after dinner, And he is the one with whom everyone wants to spend a night. As he is the main hero of the series, every girl behind him seeks his love. But who does Yohan love?

If we talk about Yohan’s physical appearance, he has a long white finger, soft cheeks, a sharp jawline, and melodious eyes, that speak too much. Surprisingly, Yohan is seen falling in love with a girl named Jooa, who is one of the 24 million female followers of Yohan. Well, Joooa and Yohan met earlier and Jooa confessed her feelings to him. And now it’s time, for Yohan to accept her love for him. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 11

Latest in chapter 10 of the series, we see Yohan surprisingly and shockingly appearing in front of Jooa and confessing to her about his feelings for her. Yohan says, he is ready to accept the confession she made a year ago while giving the cream muffins, that she loved her. And now Yohan says, he is in love with her and wants her to be his partner. 

As Jooa gets confused about Yohan’s actions and the words he says, she gets confused and gives a blow on his face and asks him to go away from her. Later w see Yohan trying to find out why she reacted so and feels she must be shy listening to Yohan’s confession about his love for her. On the other side, we see Jooa, feeling good for she has never seen Yohan doing this to anyone else, and also finds it special to her. She says, people around her are not easy and thus make things confused. 

Fans in the upcoming chapter 11, will see the continuation of the last chapter where Yohan confessed his love for Jooa, and she even found it so special. At the same time, she finds so many gifts, letters, and flowers in the locker of her school, and there she finds another boy named, Sophomore Kim Mnj who is in love with her and has arranged for her these things.

Where Is The Series Available

The series “My Favorite Idol” is available on their official website for the readers to get entertained and know more about the plot. Fans can read the series on Naver

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